How do I unlock my PUK code

Unlock a blocked SIM card - that's how it works

In this tip we show different ways you can unlock a SIM card.

A brief moment of inattention and suddenly it happened: The PIN has been entered incorrectly three times and the SIM card is blocked. Fortunately, there is still the PUK, with which it can be unlocked again quickly. But what to do if you have also lost or forgotten the PUK? We'll show you the methods you can still use to avoid a reset or a new SIM card.

1. Subsequently unlock the SIM card with the PIN

If you accidentally skipped or clicked off the PIN entry after starting your smartphone, you can enter it later. Simply call any number (e.g. 3333) and you will be prompted to enter it again.

Owners of an iPhone can also enter the PIN later via the settings. To do this, open the device settings and navigate to the menu item "phone". Then scroll down to the entry "SIM PIN“And tap on it. The pop-up window "Locked sim card" opens. Choose "Unlock“And enter your PIN. The SIM card will now be unlocked and you can use your iPhone again as usual.

2. Unlock the SIM card with the PUK

In addition to the PIN, every SIM card also has a PUK, which is a kind of second PIN number for emergencies.

In addition to the PIN, every SIM card also has a so-called PUK (“Personal Unblocking Key”) or “SuperPIN”, which you cannot change yourself. This is an 8-digit unlock key for your mobile phone, which is a kind of second PIN number. After registering, you will receive the PUK together with your SIM card in a letter from your mobile phone provider. You should therefore always keep it in a safe place.

If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, you will automatically be prompted to enter the PUK and then set a new PIN.

Good to know: You have a maximum of ten attempts to enter the PUK, after which your SIM card will be permanently blocked.

3. What should I do if I have forgotten or lost the PUK?

Don't panic if you have blocked your SIM card and don't have the PUK to hand. This does not automatically mean that you need a new SIM card immediately. Because there are different methods (depending on your wireless service provider) that you can use to determine this.

3.1. View PIN and PUK online

Are you a customer of O2, Telekom or Vodafone? Then there is good news, because in this case you can view the PIN and PUK directly via the respective Internet portal.

To do this, log in to O2 with your phone number and online password at Choose "My O2" and subsequently "Mobile radio contract" out. In the section "Manage SIM card" can be found at "PIN and PUK“See the information you want.

In the "MyVodafone" portal you can display the PUK via the settings of your SIM card.

It works just as easily with Vodafone. Log in to “MeinVodafone” and scroll down the “Participant & phone number"To the right until the entry"SIM card“Appears. Click there under "Show PUK / Super PIN“On the button of the same name.

At Telekom you can find the PUK in the customer center under "My SIM cardn "in the settings of the relevant SIM card.

3.2. Call the cell phone provider to inquire about the PUK

You can of course inquire about the PUK at any time directly from your mobile phone provider. Please note, however, that fees may apply.

As an alternative to the options mentioned above, you can of course also ask your cell phone provider for your PUK at any time. In addition to your phone number and SIM card number, you also need your personal customer password, which you created when you registered.

There are usually two different ways to get in touch with the provider: Either you call the hotline directly or you log into the online portal. There you will almost always find a corresponding contact form or at least a support email address.

In the following table you will find an overview of the various mobile phone providers with the associated service numbers and online portals:

Good to know: Some mobile phone providers (e.g. Telekom) charge a fee for issuing the PUK. Please also note that calling the relevant service hotline can incur costs.

You can find out how to get your PUK as a 1 & 1 customer in the following video from the company:

In this tip, we will reveal to you how you can save a lot when calling via mobile phone and landline.

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Unlock a blocked SIM card - that's how it works
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