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2 Automatically to the correct commodity number. Fast. Comfortable. IT-supported. With the help of the self-learning AEB algorithm, ASSIST4 Classification simplifies the process of classifying goods. 2 3

3 queuing why? Chapter HS Valid worldwide, sub-item HS National characteristics TARIC The correct commodity number is an important key to trading safely and legally in global business. Safe, because only with the help of the correct classification can you recognize whether bans and restrictions exist for your goods. And legally compliant, because incorrect tax assessment can only be prevented with the correct code. You can also use numbers from ASSIST4 Classification e.g. export from Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic or Luxembourg. Classification for export to third countries: observance of measures The goods number is essential for export from Germany to third countries. In combination with the country of destination, there are also measures that must be observed when exporting. So are GPS receivers with the goods number Everything safe? Export list check with the conversion directory Before each export, you must check whether your goods are subject to an authorization requirement or export control. The conversion directory supports you in dealing with the export list and the EU dual-use regulation. If you look up a commodity number in ASSIST4 Classification, you will of course only be shown entries in the conversion index, item valid throughout the EU Combined nomenclature of the export measure if there are entries. You can use the correct goods number for supplier declarations and EU trade 478 if you want to export the GPS receiver to a third country. In this case, you have to check whether the device is now in the list of goods to decide whether and which export list number is suitable for your goods. You can also search directly in the export list. With required that contains encrypted measures and taxes. So there is e.g. For sports shoes with the customs tariff number, the import your contribution to correct foreign trade statistics. The correct statistical commodity number is the basis for foreign trade and which additional information has been added. This means that a tax audit can also be traced - Do you trade within the EU? double purpose one click is the selected control measure 746 (import statistic of the statistic federal agency guaranteed. Then you have to the 8-digit goods- is. If the GPS receiver has an import list number in your material roll of seal products), if tes. With the national evaluation number in accordance with the General Regulations for the Design of Combined Dual-Use Goods, you must take over an export master in good time before the start of the export. have China as their country of origin. An import is only permitted if the information provided by each company counts. With ASSIST4 Classification you are always up-to-date: Determine data changes and year-end nomenclature. The correct commodity number need approval. Otherwise, enter the code Y901 in the Sending of export goods with American origin. the documents - your data is current and correct. The foreign trade data are subject to constant data changes. You also refer to the delivery note in order to obtain a correct preference determination. The German export list number has a counterpart in the USA: the ex-coding C679, C680 or Y032. When importing from a third country, transparency, continuity and traceability. Manual tracking of these changes is time-consuming and requires a great deal of effort. The wording of the In addition, there can also be national port Control Classification Number, which is used for customs clearance of a third country. This can give ASSIST4 positions and the comments on documents that are used in the event of an exclusion: ECCN. This number is based on a duty rate of 16.9%. Not only customs specialists: Take on classification for you in purchasing: The sections or chapters are to be reported but ASSIST4 goods that are based on the American can, however, have a preference - the decision-making basis for the AEB data service must be decisive for the Classification. Classification is in the know: Infor- goods control list (provide evidence of commerce control, e.g. the current data changes daily in the case of goods traffic with preferential origins. You can therefore assign the goods description to measures, document list / CCL). country Switzerland, then you can be just as transparent as the structure is displayed. At the turn of the year, drawings with thousands of numbers, codings and footnotes as well as contact us if you are importing duty-free with sneakers. of the materials for the product department - code numbers that have become invalid. In the printed form, suggestions for national documents ASSIST4 Classification are presented in the lungs. The storage of (techni- ASSIST4 transferred with one click. There are 804 pages. Or you are looking for a clear overview. As a rule, five-digit alphanumeric All this information is available to you) drawings are often helpful - there are several options, such as goods with ASSIST4 Classification and let So you can already see in the identification, which is rich in other comfortably in ASSIST4 Classification. This is why ASSIST4 could be reported in the future, everything will be displayed. Choosing a commodity number, want to determine whether and places will be added. displayed. In this way, you can identify access to a classification for everyone. which they presented to you as a proposal. Which measures you should take a look at and before an import, whether on request with a file interface or you just have to take care of them. By the way: Basically, the 8-digit code is used for exports from the EU. And so that this knowledge pays off later, you can import with the correct customs tariff number the goods are subject to import restrictions, which tariff rates are based web service to other systems. And of course with a log in which everyone transfers the correctly classified code number to the material master. This is necessary, but the first ten documents are already in the material master. For import to Germany and whether you can see a tariff preference time, which classification you ensure in each financial year and make it valid throughout the EU. Deposit with the code. will be able to use the 11-digit customs tariff number. and classification when and by whom act in accordance with the law. 4 5

4 Three (new) ways to the right product code. Do you have a new product in your portfolio? It's the turn of the year and the CN code is changing? HS changes are pending? In all of these cases, you need to make sure that all of your items are assigned the correct commodity code. Chapters, headings and subheadings have a system: The first six digits of the code number come from the Harmonized System (HS). The next two digits are extended by the Combined Nomenclature (CN) of the European Community. The ninth and tenth digits encode joint measures. The intelligent way: analysis and the self-learning ASSIST4 algorithm. Not every company has to familiarize itself with the entire list of goods. Often a certain number of chapters can already be determined on the basis of the business area, the 8, 10 or 11-digit numbers in question are displayed for the respective company. You can also use this knowledge to display so-called outliers in the material overview. In this way you can identify suspicious materials and, if necessary, take the EU (TARIC) and which are not relevant. So are correcting for example. Eleventh digit of the code number is used in goods of the food industry in who in a company for the assignment of articles to the correct Germany for national purposes. Section IV of the list of goods. Goods of the clothing industry The wise way: Individual set of rules Goods number is responsible, knows: are in Sections XI and XII to ASSIST4 offers another way This is not easy. Often, someone who can find a product number earlier can help. For a shoe manufacturer, the following are: If you wanted to find some experience in the company, a portion of patience, persistence, and above all, you had to mainly use these sections from the beginning, defines a certain fussyness and experience. Scroll. And of course read and relevant and the others tend not to. an individual set of rules. Sometimes it is not that difficult the same. It is more convenient to find the online information on the basis of the material data such as the appropriate number, but search in the common tariff TARIC. It is not uncommon for product groups or technicals to be troublesome, or for the EZT. However, with ASSIST4 it used to be difficult to create experiential properties. By means of the item and sub-item classification, you cannot fall back on any advertising values. ASSIST4 stored rules are then written, various notes page instructed, but have the classification offers independent of the corresponding commodity codes and exception rules to view current information about a knowledge of the individual a memory analyzed and suggested. So and the most accurate description of the data supplier, for example to: When creating a new material and come to select item characteristics. Federal Gazette, in your system for its characteristics, among other things, noticeably faster at your disposal every time. At any time. Enter the product group, condition or goods number. You too can benefit The systematic way: Search by section, chapter, item, sub-item For outsiders, the legal regulations for the classification of goods often seem complex. But the assignment to certain sections, painting properties, these are checked against EZT and TARIC with one click. ASSIST4 Classification suggests chapters and positions if the material description contains the key terms you are looking for. You just have to decide. When used, ASSIST4 Classification automatically compares the new data with materials that have already been stored and classified. Due to the similarity of the material designation and features, overlapping features are recognized. As from an increasing percentage of correctly assigned commodity codes with one click! Whether in Chapter 95 (Section XX) under Sports Equipment, in Chapter 39 (Section VII) under Goods made of plastic or in Chapter 64 (Section XII) under Shoes, gaiters and similar goods, ASSIST4 Classification determines from your experience and suggests according to your set of rules or respectively comparable, already classified products are given a goods number. You can also look it up very easily. This also applies to the export list number or the customs tariff number. 6 7

5 ASSIST4 Classification: Fast rating made easy. An IT solution cannot relieve you of the last step of the decision: Your employees always decide whether a suggested product code is actually the one that best fits your product. But IT can smooth the arduous path to get there and simplify it through an automated comparison with the commodity codes in question. At least that is exactly what ASSIST4 Classification. All sources of information ASSIST4 Classification uses all available sources of information that can provide information about your goods. Often the most valuable: the material master in your ERP system, design, material and production descriptions. Different investigation strategies Using several search strategies, different investigation methods are played out. The respective results are weighed against each other and evaluated. According to different criteria and weightings, desktop widgets offer a quick introduction to the various work areas on the desktop. Head office The head office offers a quick introduction to the classification of goods as well as an overview of all classification-relevant data. Classification All information important for classification can be found here: materials, goods nomenclature, export list. Unclassified material All materials that have to be classified are displayed in the worklist. Material You can search for materials that have already been classified, but also for goods that have not yet been classified. Search Research is possible both in the product nomenclature and in the export list. ASSISTent The ASSISTent offers support in the machining process. the system finally provides one or a few commodity codes and provides each of them with an indication of a probability value. Access to the entire full text Because ASSIST4 Classification also stores the master data in the master data: Export list, footnotes, notes, country groups, people, coding index makes complete product nomenclature electronically available and searchable, rights and accesses can now be specified individually with the single user administration. hung processors can quickly make a reliable decision based on the chapter and position descriptions. ASSIST4 Classification optimizes the process of classifying your goods. 8 9

6 Automatic tariff and classification. Also in SAP. You can also easily integrate the automated tariffing and classification of your goods into your SAP system with the tried and tested ATC :: plug-in. On the one hand, it is seamlessly integrated into the standard processes and user dialogs of your SAP system and takes you to the other plant or product group for the limitation use. You can assign a commodity code to one or more materials directly from the application. With the multiple assignment, you can also set the tariffs across plants. ATC :: Classification checks the goods number against the classification and coded documents Similar to the tariff classification, ATC :: Classification helps you with the classification, i.e. with the choice of the export list number, as well as with the determination of the coded documents that you have in the context of the ATLAS- The export process. The Material Monitor for Auseren also provides you with additional new functions and overviews. ATC :: Classification is modification-free. The future update ability of both your SAP systems and the ATC :: Plug-In with the functionalities of the ASSIST4 Classification List of the customs, so that it is ensured that only approved goods numbers are assigned. The stored values ​​are centrally available in the SAP material master for subsequent functions. Searching and Finding List numbers and the Material Monitor for coded documents are available quickly and easily. Legal security when importing through correct customs tariff numbers For a legally compliant import of goods to Germany, you must ensure that all articles with the applicable customs tariff number remain without additional effort. You can use a research function to switch to the directory of all goods codes and report in the same way as for. The classification of this 11-digit commodity number, which also contains the keys of community and national measures, can also be created directly in your commodity number under customs tariff thanks to ATC ::. Can be made using the SAP. consequences. Conclusion With the Material Monitor for goods optimization rules, the software finds goods numbers for different goods numbers, for example to benefit from a clear number of ATC :: Classification the most suitable goods numbers and colored ski boots of the same New year type. In the associated lower maintenance of your data, you have an overview of all the support you are given in the selection of simplified master data maintenance. You can display the overview in SAP. Modification-free. On materials in your system, for example by displaying product numbers or coded documents, which of your materials can also be requested on demand. who do not yet have a product number, a product sketch or export list number ATC :: The solution also automatically maintains changes that are affected, in order to then be stored. Of course you can take a photo. The commodity number can be used to simplify the classification of the master or report the SAP -standard- through the research function, all materials with goods- you can maintain data directly for the selected material in your SAP system. table with the master data of the goods and quickly display the corresponding new numbers and adopt others, including a date. The assignment of the numbers can be found in the languages ​​German and Number. Specify criteria for the search, for example for their validity. cross-works and cross-material in English. It also returns all by 10 11

7 advantages and functions of ASSIST4 Classification at a glance. Fast: Automated process saves time and effort Keyword search, comparison using the intelligent ASSIST4 algorithm and an individual set of rules enable the correct code number to be determined quickly.Legally secure: the nomenclature of goods with a click The legal basis can be viewed at any time: the nomenclature of goods with comments and explanations on sections and chapters, coded documents, measures, notes, footnotes, indexing list, export list, EVZTA International: Worldwide, EU-wide and national validity, regardless of whether it is Goods number, export list number or customs tariff number in Germany or the 10-digit EU-wide code. ASSIST4 Classification knows its way around. Do you need TARES in Switzerland or the ECCN? Then contact us. Current: data service Daily data from renowned content partners such as the Bundesanzeiger Verlag. Changes to customs tariff numbers, the HS code and the combined nomenclature are automatically taken into account. Central: One administration of all foreign trade data For imports, exports, statistical reports, checks for export permits, bans and restrictions or for the use of preferences everywhere you need correct code numbers, which ASSIST4 Classification determines centrally. Integrated: Directly in SAP ASSIST4 Classification fits into the SAP system world without modification. You can also use the ATC :: plug-in from ASSIST4 to set the tariff directly in SAP without switching to another application. Helpful: widgets guide you through ASSIST4 Classification Little helpers in the application, so-called widgets, support you and guide you quickly to your goal. Important abbreviations at a glance CN Combined nomenclature HS Harmonized system EZT Electronic customs tariff TARIC Common customs tariff 12 13

8 Excellence in supply chain execution has a name: ASSIST4 The basis for efficient cooperation in the supply chain. Transparency and performance. End-to-end. Order in your order processes. Overview of your fulfillment. Control over costs and processes. Support of all processes in the warehouse or distribution center. Economical design of your warehouse processes. Robust processes in supply chain execution: transport processing and freight costs under control. Business services for all customs processes in procurement and distribution. Standardized. Automated. Integrated. Protection of your processes against risks. Avoiding regulatory violations. Safe trading. Integration Platform Scheduling Monitoring Alerting Performance Analysis, Reporting, KPIs Inventory Management Order Entry Qualification Checking & Planning of Fulfillment Control & Monitoring of Fulfillment Assessment and Billing Incoming Goods & Receiving Storage, Relocation, Cross-docking Inventory Overview & Inventory Pick & Pack Dispatch Processing Outgoing Goods Mobile Applications Control Center Shipment Consolidation Transport Preparation Transport Assignment Freight Cost Management Freight cost optimization Freight cost accounting Integrated global trade management Import export Customs warehouse, active and passive processing EMCS, Intrastat, shipping procedures Tariff classification and classification Origin of goods and preferences Global trade integration Sanction list screening Export control EU & US law License management 14 15

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