Is Russian a real language

Learn russian

Why should you learn Russian? It has a completely different alphabet and the grammar can be a real challenge, especially for those who have not yet mastered the Slavic language. On closer inspection, there are a lot of reasons for this (and the Cyrillic alphabet has a lot of parallels to Latin, see here). And since when has the simple been exciting?

With Russian you can get very far geographically - just look at the extent of the country (it is 50 times larger than Germany). In addition, Russian is spoken, or at least understood, in many neighboring countries of the Russian Federation. Russian is something for travel enthusiasts.

Russian is the mother tongue of over 160 million people and the second language of around 69 million people. Russian is something for communicators.

Russian is one of the six UNO official languages ​​and an outstanding scientific language. In Politics and science knowledge of Russian is definitely an advantage.

Those who speak Russian have access to a whole world of Literature and culture. Just a few words are enough to make contacts in Russia.

Even if you didn't have any Russian lessons at the school, there are plenty of them Language courseswhere you can learn Russian. Give about the knowledge acquired there Language certificates Information, the different variants are described here.