Are Nokia smartphones noticeably popular in Finland?

New manufacturer from FinlandCan Jolla conquer the cell phone market?

The Finns can build cell phones - Nokia has proven that. Another Finnish manufacturer recently tried to conquer the cell phone market: Jolla. His first cell phone can be bought for 399 euros - the Jolla Phone. BILD has tested it.

Technically, the Jolla Phone is not a high-flyer: The presentation of the 4.5-inch display (960 x 540 pixels, 245 ppi) looks quite grainy, writing shows visible stairs. The processor (dual core, 1.4 GHz) works with noticeable delays and a fast data connection via LTE is not yet available.

However, with the Jolla Phone, the focus is less on the phone than on the operating system, which can be seen on this device for the first time: Sailfish OS.A further development of MeeGo, an operating system that was initially developed by Nokia, but was abandoned there.

Gesture control and multitasking

What is special about Sailfish OS? Jolla boss Tomi Pienimäki sums it up to BILD: "Real multitasking, complete control through gestures and device covers that can be identified via the NFC chip."

BILD was able to try out what that means in detail on a test device of the Jolla Phone.

The gesture control: The Jolla Phone only has a power button and a volume button. Nothing more is necessary. The device can be activated by double-tapping the touchscreen. If you swipe up on the start screen, you first get an overview of the currently active apps. Another swipe takes you to the overview of the app symbols. Other swiping gestures close or minimize apps, call up operating menus or scroll through app pages.

So the smartphone can be operated quite comfortably with one hand. However, a longer learning and acclimatization period is necessary.

The multitasking: Sailfish OS can run up to nine apps in parallel and continue to work actively in the background. For example, you can play a video in the YouTube app and minimize the window - and the film continues! This is useful if, for example, you open the e-mail app and you are always presented with the latest status of your inbox.

Unfortunately, the number of apps that can easily multitask is still very small.

The lid with NFC chip: In the future, very different covers - with different colors, logos, company advertising, etc. - can be clipped onto the Jolla Phone. There is an NFC chip in every back cover for the Jolla Phone. With the help of the chip, the phone can recognize what kind of cover is currently on the phone. If, for example, a lid with the logo of a football club is put on, the mobile phone automatically changes the screen colors and maybe even reloads the club's app.

In this way, the appearance of the Jolla Phone can be changed very easily and quickly.

You won't find many apps in the Jolla Store

Jolla boss Pienimäki hopes that the Sailfish OS will also be used on smartphones by other manufacturers in the future.Until then, however, the number of apps for Sailfish OS must grow significantly. You won't find popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube in the Jolla Store.

Interesting too

It is true that Android apps can also be loaded and used with Sailfish OS - for example from the Amazon app store. However, many Android apps are not capable of multitasking and, in the worst case, crash completely when minimized.

BILD conclusion: The Jolla Phone is an exciting project - but for 399 euros you can get more sophisticated smartphones with established operating systems and more apps.

Jolla Phone is not yet recommended for everyday use. And to stir up the smartphone market with Sailfish OS, more apps are needed ...

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