Why do shoes have tongues

Squeaky shoesAt last quietly Mountain pines

Squeaking, smacking, shoving - some shoes make noises that we want to get rid of. Here is a list of options. First of all: Sometimes only the radical way helps.

OK, squeaky and smacking shoes are really not one of the most pressing problems in the world. On the other hand, if the shoes squeak really loudly or make smacking noises, you simply can no longer wear them in some environments, for example in some offices. And besides: turning shoes into quiet companions is sometimes not that difficult.

Ralf Bienemann, master shoemaker in Düsseldorf, knows possible causes and possible solutions:

In the case of shoes with heels, this is usually exactly the cause of the squeaking. If the heel is no longer firmly attached to the rest of the shoe, two layers of leather rub against each other and create a noise. Another possibility: The articulated spring below the sole is too loose.

Remedy: Bring shoes to the shoemaker. Sometimes the repair is neither time-consuming nor expensive.

If there are insoles in the shoe and they are too loose, they rub against the sole when walking.

Remedy: Copy the shape of the insert on paper and cut it out. Place the piece of paper between the sole and the insert.

Alternative: rub the insert from below with talc, baby powder or baking powder.

If none of that works: bring shoes to the shoemaker.

3. The tongue has too much play

If the tongue has too much slack under the laces, it can rub back and forth.

Remedy: Also talc, baby powder or baking powder. So that the tongue rubs in wherever it comes into contact with other surfaces of the shoe.

If the sole is responsible for the squeaking, it is usually due to the material or the material mix in combination with some floors.

Remedy: Roughen the sole with sandpaper or spray hairspray on it (only on the sole!). However, that doesn't always help by far. In case of doubt, the sole must be completely replaced, which, depending on the quality, age and price of the shoes, is equivalent to a total loss.