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Info about Doctor Strange
Publishing company: Marvel (© 1941-2013 Marvel Characters, Inc.)

Hero name: Doctor Strange

Right name: Stephen Vincent Strange

First appearance: Strange Tales # 110 July 1963

Creator: Writer: Stan Lee and illustrator: Steve Ditko

Super skills: Great master of magical arts, flying, mastered several martial arts

Sidekicks / helpers: No

Group affiliations: New Avengers, Defenders

Weapons / Equipment: Floating cloak, eye of the agamotto

Curriculum vitae:
Strange was a successful but also arrogant surgeon. A car accident ended his career abruptly. He was no longer able to use a scalpel with a steady hand. After giving up his search for a medical solution to his injury, he became desperate and turned to alcohol. As a medic, he always dismissed sorcery and magic as superstition. Driven by his great desperation, he finally traveled to Tibet to visit the miracle healer Ancient One, who is said to have magical abilities. Once there, he found out that Baron Mordo, a student of Ancient, was planning to kill his master. However, Mordo cast a spell on Strange - he couldn't betray him. This made Stephen Vincent Strange realize that sorcery really existed. And not only that. He recognized that evil also existed and that it had to be fought. He became an apprentice to Ancient One who also freed him from the spell that Baron Mordo had imposed on him.

After completing his training, he moved to New York and used his energies for good. When Ancient One dies, Dr. Strange his role as Supreme Wizard on Earth and has since fought side by side with other great superheroes from the Marvel Universe against evil.

Copyright notice: All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness (es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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