Should I study accounting or computer science?

Work and study full time

First of all, it should be said that working and studying full time is no small matter. Because in addition to a weekly workload of up to 40 hours, the learning content of the course must of course also be crammed and internalized. The additional time required is therefore very large. Depending on the selected study variant, the study can still be mastered in addition to full-time employment, since a part-time study - as the name suggests - is based on the time windows of working people.

The combination of a full-time job plus part-time studies is certainly more work-intensive than full-time studies plus part-time job. But if you opt for the former variant and complete it successfully, the fruits of the hard work will be worthwhile. Because then employees who have completed part-time studies can not only demonstrate work experience, but also an academic degree, which makes them all the more attractive for employers.

But we don't mean to claim that it would be a no brainer to work alongside a full-time degree in comparison: that too often requires good time management and a lot of vigor. In addition, some legal aspects have to be considered which part-time students usually have to deal with less, namely that "working too much" in addition to full-time studies can be problematic. So that everything goes right here, we will start directly with this topic.

Experience report


"I chose AKAD because I can flexibly organize distance learning, family and work."
Sina Tatzel, M.Sc. Technical management