How effective are permanent makeup techniques

Permanent make-up or microblading?

Permanent makeup technique is often used on the eyebrows. If your own eyebrows grow very sparsely, or (according to your own condition) too light, or if the eyebrows are plucked too much, you will be happy to help. However, putting make-up on your brows every day and then removing make-up again in the evening is an effort that could be saved. It is precisely for this reason that many (especially) women allow themselves to be permanently beautified. Thanks to permanent make-up, this is also possible. It doesn't last forever, but it does last for a long time and can be refreshed at any time.

Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are the preferred areas for permanent make-up. The art of microblading is also enjoying increasing popularity. Professional institutes have the appropriate certificates for both permanent make-up and microblading and are also regularly checked for compliance with the high hygiene standards.

We spoke to the experts and reigning World Best Lip & Eyeliner Artists, Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling & Thorsten Kreiling, about the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques.


Good for you: The award as World Best Artist is not just any honor. The best artists in the industry come together in Belgrade every year and you were able to take 2 awards with you to Upper Austria.
T. Kreiling: We are very proud of this. I was crowned for my eyeliner technique and my wife was honored for the lip technique. That is a reputation, because the elite meet in Belgrade.

Good for you: In your Institute Team Hautnah in Haid, you can be treated personally by the world champions. Do you both do everything, or do you each have your own specialties?
K. Ellmer: Basically, the eyebrow and lip are my expertise.
T. Kreiling: I focus on the eyeliner.

Good for you: When it comes to eyebrows, what technique would you recommend to your clients?
K. Ellmer: Both the conventional permanent make-up method and microblading are suitable for permanent drawing of the eyebrows. We mostly use microblading for this. With this technique it is possible to draw the finest hairs, which means that the brow can be modeled realistically. The difference between these two techniques lies in the application of the "device". In the conventional permanent make-up method, which is a form of cosmetic tattoos, special pigments are applied to the top layer of skin using a pigmentation device.
T. Kreiling: Microblading belongs to the sub-category in the field of permanent make-up and is used in the area of ​​the eyebrows. Instead of a pigmentation device, so-called “blades”, the finest needles lined up closely together, are used to draw fine hairs. The treatment is carried out manually, without the use of a machine. The top layer of skin is always pigmented (also with permanent make-up techniques for eyeliner and lip), so there is no scarring, as is often mistakenly said about blading. Of course, it is assumed that the treatment is carried out properly. By the way, blading is only possible on the eyebrow.

Good for you: Do you also use the permanent make-up method on your eyebrows?
K. Ellmer: Yes, because for some customers, the color of the microblading look is not very intense. In order to permanently emphasize the entire brow with the desired color, we recommend the so-called powder or ombre brows technique. This new technique of eyebrow pigmentation ensures a soft, powdery, defined brow. An intense but also very natural and soft look can be achieved here. This looks very natural and is trendy.
T. Kreiling: I always advise my customers conscientiously and advise against utopian or unworkable ideas. Once a customer came with the picture of Angelina Jolie and the request for her eyeliner. But this did not match the person at all. The shape and position of the eyes required a different shape of the eyeliner. Some things are just not feasible. But mostly we find a solution for every customer. In principle, I only do what is feasible and where I know that the customers are one hundred percent satisfied with the result.

Good for you: So we've already landed on the eyeliner. You have a special technique with which you won the Best Artist award.
T. Kreiling (laughs): Yes this is my passion. You can either thicken the lash line, but you can also use the shadowing technique. The eyeliner is drawn with an individual shading technique. Various options are discussed and shown in the consultation. Depending on the customer's wishes, the individual eyeliner is worked out, in different colors if desired. I work very precisely and therefore usually no follow-up treatment is required.

Good for you: And finally we come to the lip. What do you have to consider here?
K. Ellmer: For the pigmentation of the lips, the conventional permanent make-up method is used again. Using a pigmentation device, the finest outlines and shades are pigmented in order to give the naturalness its space again. Depending on the customer's wishes, the lips are partially or fully shaded. The current trend is the so-called ombre lips, where very natural to complex and stylish shades are possible. Dark borders without shading are absolutely out. The color advice is also an expertise with the lip, for example, not every red on every lip represents the same red. The perfect professional advice is essential. The type of each customer should be optimized, strengths brought forward in a targeted manner and weaknesses eclipsed. A perfect permanent make-up can therefore attract looks, but only those that leave admiration.

Good for you: Regarding durability - from six months to six years you hear a lot when it comes to how long the result is clearly visible?
T. Kreiling: You cannot give any more precise information here, because this depends on many factors. It depends on the skin type, but also on whether, for example, medication is taken, or how the skin and make-up are cared for, protected from the sun, etc. We recommend that our customers visit our studio every year for pigmentation check. As soon as the client notices for himself that the make-up is fading, an appointment for a refreshment can be arranged.

Good for you: Thank you for the interview.


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