Who is Gen Urobuchi

New anime from Fate / Zero writer Gen Urobuchi revealed

Recently, Nitroplus announced that writer Gen Urobuchi was working on a new anime - now the work called OBSOLETE has been revealed!

Bandai Namco Arts today announced in collaboration with Youtube that the recently announced new project by successful author Gen Urobuchi (Fate / Zero, Psycho-Pass, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) is an anime fully animated in 3D CGI called Ā»OBSOLETEĀ« acts.

The web series is published exclusively on Youtube and takes place in a future in which humanity was given exoframe technology in exchange for its resources from extraterrestrials - over two-meter-tall mecha that are controlled by a person's brain waves.
If you own Youtube Premium, the episodes are available to free users earlier than the anime in December 2019.
While the directors Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato take care of the staging of Urobuchi's story, the Studio Buemon (Kaze no Matasaburou) takes over the animation.
It is not yet known whether and when the YouTube original will also be available with German dubbing or subtitles.

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