Is PS4 Pro backwards compatible

PS4 backwards compatible: Play PS3 games on PS4 - is that possible?

Want to play old PS3 games on PS4? Then we have some bad news: Basically, the PS4 is not backwards compatible. However, there are now solutions to bring PS3 and even PS2 games to the PlayStation 4 via detours.

Before the PlayStation 4 appeared, many gamers wondered whether the new console would be backwards compatible - competitor Microsoft has now enforced limited backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. The big disappointment followed: Games from the previous PlayStation 3 console cannot be played on the PS4 due to the different hardware. However, there are ways to play games for the PS3 on the PS4.

Upgrade PS3 games by code

For some selected games you get the digital version for the PS4 at a reduced price. To do this, you need to enter a code that came with the PS3 game in the PlayStation Store and then download the version for the PlayStation 4. To start the game and activate the code, you will need to insert the PS3 disc into the PS4.

Unfortunately, only a few games can be upgraded for the PlayStation 4 in this way, including "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag", "Call of Duty: Ghosts", "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition" and "Battlefield 4". In addition, the download costs around ten euros per game.

Stream games via PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a cloud service from Sony that allows PlayStation games to be streamed over the Internet to the PS4 console and even to the PC. This means that some old PS3 games - including "Red Dead Redemption" - can be played on the PS4 via stream. A subscription is required for this. You don't necessarily need a good internet connection on the PS4 despite streaming: You can also download PS Now games to the console.

Backward compatibility for PS2 titles

Encouraged by the backward compatibility of the Xbox One, Sony has also made some older games run on the PlayStation 4. Since December 2015 it has been possible to play some older PS2 games on the current console. However, Sony is going a different way than Microsoft.

While the Xbox One just plays the older Xbox 360 discs, the PS2 DVDs won't work with the PS4. However, some old games can now be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store onto the console and played there. The first titles included "GTA 3", "GTA Vice City" and "GTA San Andreas" as well as "Dark Cloud", "Rouge Galaxy", "Mark of Kri" and "Twisted Metal - Black". Other titles follow constantly.

Play PS2 games with better resolution on PS4

The original PS2 titles even benefit from the advantages of the current console generation and offer a higher resolution of 1292 x 896 pixels. For comparison: On the PS2, the games only ran in resolutions of 512 x 448 or 640 x 448 pixels. In addition, functions such as remote and share play are available for the titles.

The disadvantage: The games have to be bought again from the PlayStation Store, even if you still have the actual disc version standing around at home. In the end, it is less a question of real downward compatibility and more of the implementation of old games for the PS4. The Sony solution therefore does not offer a similar advantage for loyal brand customers as the backward compatibility of the Xbox One.


  1. The PlayStation 4 is not downward compatible in terms of hardware. So PS3 games cannot be played directly on the PS4.
  2. Some popular PS3 games like "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag", "Call of Duty: Ghosts" or "Battlefield 4" can be brought to the PS4 for an additional price.
  3. The PlayStation Now cloud service makes it possible to stream games from older consoles to the PS4.
  4. Some older PS2 games are now running on the PS4. You benefit from a higher resolution, but have to be purchased again from the PlayStation Store.