Are Naruto and Sasuke terrible fathers

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I mean that a very bad thing happened to Haku and of course the time after that, when he didn't have a home, wasn't nice either, but the time before and after was at least okay. At least from the point of view we know.
Gaara's childhood, on the other hand, was consistently horrific, and so I would say it was with Naruto too; The only difference is that Naruto's childhood wasn't that bad because he was rather shunned and not hated and still had "friends".

Most of the points can be deleted or summarized.
As already mentioned, the time on the street was certainly anything but nice, but he was accepted by Zabuza and actually only his father hated him. The loss of the parents is of course tragic, but Haku is clearly not alone, because it was like that with all four.
Zabuza said that it was only a tool for him, but that it wasn't the truth, as you saw in the end and I'm sure that Haku knew that too. In every scene you could see that Haku was happy and that he also died happy because he sacrificed himself for Zabuza. The fact that it ultimately didn't work doesn't change that.

I also assume that Haku loved his mother, but nothing is known about the relationship between father and son and by that I just wanted to say that I doubt that Haku's loss of his parents was worse than that of Sasuke. You can't compare the two and both are cruel. Sasuke had a home but no one to look after him. At first Haku didn't have a home, but then Zabuza came.

Yes, it was a test, but if Shukaku hadn't protected him, he would have died. The attacks were based on life and death and his uncle really intended to kill him but failed.

If that hasn't gotten through yet: Gaara. ^^ Somehow everything else's bad comes together with Gaara and in contrast to the others there is nothing positive to be seen.