Does DuckDuckGo work on Android phones

Change the default search engine on Android

You need these programs: Bing Search, Free, DuckDuckGo, Free, Firefox, Free

It may sound strange, but you don't necessarily have to use the Google search engine on your smartphone that runs on the Google Android operating system. Alternatively, you can set applications such as Bing, DuckDuckGo or Firefox Search as the default.

The prerequisite for this is that you use Google Now, which supports every Android version since 4.1. A key function is that you start the Google search with a long press on the home button or by swiping from the bottom up - and you can change exactly this standard!

Swap standard search: Download a search engine like Bing, DuckDuckGo or Firefox Search from the Play Store. If you hold down the home button for a long time, you can choose which search you want to start. If you leave the check mark in front of “Use by default for this action”, the selected application will be executed with this gesture in the future. Select the Firefox search, search via Google, but open your request in the Firefox browser.

Back to Google: Navigate to “Settings> Apps or Applications” and tap the appropriate application selected as the default. Then tap on the "Reset default settings" button. Now you can redefine the standard search engine and set Google again.

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