Why do cigars make you dizzy?

Smoking a cigar on your lungs - go or no go

Let's get to a topic that most cigar smokers will shake their heads on. Even if everyone remembers their childhood, the first cigars with friends were mostly cheap supermarket goods. And they were "naturally" smoked on the lungs, even though everyone coughed. But nobody wanted to admit that it wasn't a good idea. Now we are all older and occasionally smoke cigars together and laugh at our initial insecurity. Here we would like to try not only to tell you not to smoke cigars on the lungs, we will explain why that is.

Why smoking cigars on your lungs is not good

With 4800 chemical compounds in cigarette smoke, you can surely imagine that there isn't much less in cigars. Although some of the worse additives are missing, the smoke from the cigar is not safe. We don't want to scare you here, so let's focus on the one substance that is perfectly sufficient to show you why smoking cigars is nonsense on your lungs: nicotine.

The nerve toxin, which has a calming and stimulating effect on smokers, is a violent matter for non-smokers and occasional smokers. While a smoker can slowly get used to the nicotine, it patters on the non-smoker and makes him drowsy and dizzy. Soft legs are the result that even seasoned cigar smokers can catch with a very strong cigar. If you were to smoke the cigar on your lungs, the result would be veritable nicotine poisoning, because the amount in a cigar is roughly equivalent to a pack of very strong cigarettes. Now imagine having 20 cigarettes in your mouth at once and pulling on them at the same time. In addition to the usual "Yuck" comes the astonishment when you discover that it is exactly this amount that a cigar represents.

What should i do?

Now it is the case that one or the other, in addition to the good cigars or the pipe, also reaches for the "bad" cigarettes, just look after those affected. Since smoking cigars on the lungs is so wrong, the delayed absorption of nicotine through the oral mucous membranes and the fact that a cigar burns for up to 3 hours does not immediately make you feel as if you had smoked a cigarette. And yet the effect can be felt indirectly, at the latest when you try to get up after a Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Super Gordo, you will experience the effect. Then you think briefly what it would have been like to find what you just experienced in your lungs and be happy that you don't smoke cigars on your lungs.

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