What are the computer cleaning tools

Windows PC cleaner - these tools are there


Garbage data always accumulates quickly on the computer. On the one hand, this leads to a full hard drive, but on the other hand it also leads to a loss of performance. So-called PC cleaners remove unused files from the system. We have selected the best programs for it.

Which cleaners are recommended?

Time and again, programs like the CCleaner are referred to as snake oil. So a program that promises optimizing functions, but has little or no real function. The reason for this is that a lot can be cleaned up directly using the Windows on-board tools. On the other hand, there are still a large number of users who like to use the convenience of PC cleaners. Greater technical know-how is not necessary here. Therefore, this software is definitely justified. We'll show you three programs below that can clean your system and free up space.


Despite criticism of CCleaner, the program is still the top dog among system cleaners. In the meantime, the distributor also promises that problems on this side have been resolved.

The clean up tool CCleaner by Piriform helps to keep the hard drive and the Windows registry free of junk. In the free standard version, the software examines the system for redundant and duplicate files. In addition, cookies and cache can be removed from installed Internet browsers at the same time. Download CCleaner directly from heise Download.

During the installation, make sure that no additional adware is installed. After that, the cleaner can safely delete all possible junk data from your PC. Among other things, it removes cookies, temporary files and log files and deletes cache files and browser history.



BleachBit is the open source alternative to CCleaner. The program can also delete temporary files, cookies and log files.

With BleachBit you can, among other things, free up cache memory, remove Internet history or remove protocols and log files. The program is available for Linux and Windows and is designed to clean up applications including Firefox, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome and others.


ClearProg clears Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox surf traces. The practical tool deletes the history, temporary cache, search history and download history. In addition, the recycle bin, document folder and file lists can be deleted by MS Office programs.

Do you need a PC cleaner?

Before you install additional tools on your operating system, you can first try using on-board tools to get the PC back faster. Here it is often not enough just to free up the storage space by deleting the recycle bin. That is why we have put together a few tips + tricks that can help you in such a situation: