Which US company offers XBRL Filing Services?

XBRL filing.

Are you affected by the introduction of the ESEF digital output format by ESMA? Or does another supervisory authority require reporting in iXBRL? If you work up a sweat now, we are here for you. As the only XBRL filer in Switzerland, MDD offers comprehensive support and detailed know-how.

iXBRL is a machine-readable file format that is increasingly becoming the standard for reports. With the preparation of your data for the digital creation of reports on the MDD platform, a complete XBRL implementation is also possible. In this way, you increase process security and, with MDD, benefit from the know-how of a partner who has been creating XBRL-based reports for filing with the US stock exchange regulator SEC since 2012. MDD ensures the smooth preparation of the financial reports in iXBRL format in order to comply with the new ESMA regulations.

What XBRL Filing and Support Include:

  • Step 1: Independently or in cooperation with your financial advisor, your finance department develops the taxonomy concept and the guidelines on how to design the taxonomy trees. The implementation of the taxonomy in the software is done by MDD.
  • Step 2: Now the key figures that were prepared for publication are provided with labels or the so-called XBRL tags. This happens on the MDD platform, the central database. In the XBRL publication format, for example, the same number appears with 100% certainty as in the online report or in the PDF. The XBRL tags are recorded once and can continue to be used in subsequent years.
  • Step 3: An XBRL and a PDF can be created for review at any time.
  • Step 4: Once the reports have been approved, MDD submits them to the supervisory authority.
  • MDD offers ESMA compliant iXBRL filing of financial reports to meet ESEF guidelines from 2020 onwards.
  • MDD guarantees EDGAR-compliant iXBRL filing for filing with the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission).