How do people show resistance to oppression?

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to offer resistance

Many people who live in a dictatorship or in a country that has been invaded by another state rebel against the rule. They resist because they reject this rule. Sometimes they join forces with other people who think the same way and form a resistance group. There is nonviolent resistance and resistance associated with violence against things and people.

Resistance to the National Socialist dictatorship

In the time of National Socialism there were several resistance groups who wanted to eliminate the dictator Hitler and his power. The "White Rose", which was founded by students in Munich, is very well known. In another group, mainly officers have come together. This group became known as “20. July 1944 ”because the officer Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg carried out an assassination attempt on Hitler that day, which, however, failed. Young people also resisted. In Cologne and the Ruhr area, for example, they rebelled against the National Socialists as so-called edelweiss pirates. Many resistance fighters were discovered and executed.

Right of resistance in our Basic Law

Today everyone in Germany has the right to resist if someone tries to destroy our basic democratic order. This right of resistance is laid down in our Basic Law. But resistance is only allowed if everything else has been tried beforehand to avert this danger to our state.