What is mental training

"... I accept the pass, which comes a bit sharp and I bring the ball safely under control when I follow it up. 10 m distance to the throwing point - tap once - a dangerous opponent has to be run around.
Running up, increasing the speed, tapping and crouching deeper so that the ball is not lost, there is enough space for three more steps. What is the goalkeeper doing? Step up to jump shot, jump off powerfully!

Don't go far, deceive the goalie! I feel tension in the chest and shoulder muscles - delaying the shot - the goalie moves, so to the other corner! Firing! I hit the floor hard and I catch the body weight. . . . "

Mental Training Definitions

"Mental training - it is also known as ideomotor training - is the learning or improvement of a sequence of movements through intensive imagination without actual practice at the same time:
"The prerequisite for mental training is a clear idea of ​​movement."

"... Mental training shortens the learning times for the acquisition of sporting techniques." .. "Mental training allows relatively high repetition frequencies per unit of time and therefore saves energy."

"... Due to the high level of concentrative fatigue, mental training can only be used for a limited period of time (around 2-3 minutes per training unit). Mental training does not include the movement of muscles and limbs themselves and the dependent control (via appropriate feedback processes) whether the Movement is also performed correctly.
If mental training is carried out exclusively or for too long, faulty movement sequences can develop and memorize due to a lack of control under real conditions ".