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Duties of music producer

The tasks of a music producer are diverse and one of the most important factors for success are his social skills. Only those who are good with people will be able to produce an artist or a band in such a way that they are successful.

The music producer - tasks like the director in a film.

By Carlos San Segundo

Responsibilities of a producer in music production

The article Tasks of a music producer ties in with the considerations of yesterday's contribution “Do I need a producer?”. What does a music producer do?

The answers are very, very broad when you ask musicians. In addition, there is the quirky understanding of the tasks of a music producer that generally prevails among people who only know this profession from people like Dieter Bohlen from television.

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With no single definition and different music producers doing their work in so different ways, it becomes difficult. If you are looking for a music producer for your band (or music), you decide for yourself what they should do when producing music.

Tasks of a music producer

  • Participation in band rehearsals and meetings
  • Selection of the songs for your CD or demo CD
  • Search and selection of a recording studio
  • A producer can help focus the songs
  • He makes sure the band is ready to record
  • A producer helps the band focus on their goals
  • In the studio, a producer gets the best performance out of the musicians
  • He brings in ideas when creativity stagnates
  • Depending on the agreement, he makes the final decisions
  • Assistance in arranging the songs and / or the individual parts
  • Help with finding the right sound
  • Bringing in of participating musicians and background singers
  • Selection of the sound engineer for mixing and mastering
  • Motivation of the band during the recordings
  • Economic management of the existing budget
  • The producer can take over the time management in the studio

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Conclusion: tasks of a music producer

When working with a music producer, it is often crucial that they have an objective view of your music. He makes his decisions for different reasons, works out of a different motivation and ultimately wants to make money with music. And after all, that only works if your music is successful.

Through his objectivity, he can help a band that would otherwise have got lost in the details of their music to become commercially successful.

One of the nicest side effects of a good producer is that you can concentrate on your creativity and your music. At the latest when it comes to recording, the music producer takes care of the rest and you can deliver your best possible performance.

Portraits of music producers

Rick Rubin (Ed Sheeran, Wu Tang Clan, Eminem, ...)
Max Martin (Ariana Grande, Pink, Taylor Swift, ...)
Salaam Remi (Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Amy Winehouse, ...)
Terry Date (Bring me the Horizon, Slayer, Soundgarden, ...)