Why did Zayn Malik's Icarus Falls flop

Zayn Malik: Sweet tribute to his little daughter

DE Showbiz - Zayn Malik (28) has a new body jewelry. After the singer ('Dusk Till Dawn') and his girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid (25), welcomed their first child together in September, they initially kept their daughter's name as a state secret.

New wrist tattoo

Last week, Gigi subtly revealed that the little one was christened Khai by referring to herself as 'Khai's Mom' in her bio on Instagram. And once the cat was out of the bag, it wasn't long before attentive fans noticed a hint at Zayn: In a session on Instagram Live they discovered Khai's name in Arabic letters: The young father had the name of his firstborn in Have red ink tattooed on the wrist, reported Page Six, the gossip page of the New York Post.

Zayn Malik's artistic doldrums

The name of Gigi's and Zayn's daughter comes from Arabic and is usually given to boys. It means something like “crowned” or “royal” and is reported to be a tribute to Gigi's grandmother Khaira. In addition, the full name of Gigi's younger sister is Bella Khair Hadid (24).

Meanwhile, the British 'Sun' reported on Friday (January 22) that Zayn Malik had to go through a dry spell professionally: The former One Direction singer earned only 150,000 pounds last year (just under 170,000 euros) after his solo album 'Icarus Falls' flopped. His new work 'Nobody Is Listening', which was released last week, only entered the British charts at number 17 - Zayn had hoped for the top ten. However, he does not need to worry about his finances: Zayn Malik is said to still have a fortune of 5.7 million pounds (6.5 million euros).