Can you get men and women to use Okcupid?

What is your advice to men and women when dating online?

These are actually two different questions. It's a completely different experience for men and women. I think men should present themselves as approachable and have conversation hooks in their profile. If I were a woman, I would pick out the profiles I like and write to them specifically.

What if women don't want that because they don't either in real life?

Sure, many women are like that. In online dating, however, this can lead to work degenerating into work: a lot of unsuitable inquiries, a lot of saying no. That can be exhausting. The best strategy is to take action and ignore the rest. And the men should write to users who play in their league. When I write to a supermodel, I can't expect an answer. She will have more attractive options.

The math professor who also models?

(laughs) Maybe!

An unpleasant result of your analysis: Black women are at a disadvantage with Okcupid.

Yes, they get 25 percent less attention from men. Okcupid works for them anyway, just not that fast.

What's going wrong there? Is it because of the black men?

No, they are even the most neutral, they write to all ethnicities about the same number of times, while Asians prefer their own kind. Yes, that is a pretty complex question. Not just in terms of data, but generally in this country. Unfortunately.

So you only looked at data from the US?

Yes, because the Okcupid base is 70 percent here and 30 percent international.

So not everyone wants to date people of other ethnic origins, but many can agree on the 20-year-old women. Is also in the book.

Yeah, men like younger women ... that was never a secret.

Wacky: Many users use the same text for their inquiries.

Yes it is. And actually I don't think that's a bad strategy at all. It sounds funny, of course, but if we want to impress people in real life, we also tell the same anecdotes and tried and tested jokes.