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A swivel castor from the best providers

At rollistore you have a large selection of accessories for your wheelchair. Swivel castors are available from different suppliers in different price ranges. These can be sorted appropriately with a simple click so that you can quickly find the right accessories. For example, you can get the plastic swivel castor in black with solid rubber tires and ball bearings. As well as a colored swivel castor with ball bearings, which makes your wheelchair a real eye-catcher.
Another eye-catcher is the LED swivel castor with ball bearings. The skater wheel lights up in four colors and is an eye-catcher on every active wheelchair.
The 6-spoke aluminum design swivel castor, for example, is suitable for almost every active wheelchair and does not sink into the carpet or similarly soft floors. We at rollistore make sure to offer you quality goods from a well-known manufacturer.

Order suitable accessories at the same time

A swivel castor alone is not always enough; sensible accessories are just as important. The right accessories for each product are displayed in our online shop. This makes shopping much easier and saves you time because you don't have to order again. A spoke protection is definitely useful. This visually highlights your wheelchair. It is available in different colors.

In addition, the ball bearing should be replaced at regular intervals. You can also find ball bearings in the rollistore online shop. A well-functioning ball bearing is crucial for smooth and fast rolling.

Get advice before buying

The advice from rollistore is experienced and based on experience, as the managing director and owner of rollistore is himself a wheelchair user. You will find a detailed description for each article in the online shop. Among other things, you can find out how big the respective ball bearing is. The swivel castor is shown in detail with several pictures. This gives you a precise idea of ​​the product. If this information is not sufficient, simply contact our customer advisors. A rollistore specialist will give you competent advice.

The shipping conditions

The delivery time for a swivel castor, a ball bearing or other items from our online shop varies. You can of course send an email or give us a quick call. Shipping costs for accessories are EUR 4.90. It is worth ordering a little more, because there are no more shipping costs for goods worth 100 euros or more.