An operation for osteoarthritis helps

Treatment of wrist osteoarthritis

Conservative methods of treatment

Arthrosis hand and wrist: treatment without surgery

If you have an acute pain attack, we can usually relieve it with painkillers in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs. However, these must not be taken over a longer period of time, as this can lead to considerable impairment in the gastrointestinal area. As a rule, this therapy does not result in permanent freedom from symptoms.

Osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist: physical and occupational therapy exercises can help

Our specially trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists can positively influence osteoarthritis in the early and sometimes later stages with special hand therapy. Above all, it can relieve the pain. In the therapy sessions you will also be instructed how to avoid certain movement patterns in order to protect your joint as best as possible.
An appropriately adapted splint can also relieve the damaged joint and thus improve the function of your hand.

Arthrosis of the hand and wrist: treatment with drug injection treatments

If the joint damage and inflammation of the synovial membrane are low, we can improve the acute inflammatory process. For this purpose, medication will be injected into the affected joint (injection).
A nuclear medicine procedure, the radiosynoviorthesis, can also bring an improvement in such cases: a radioactive substance is inserted into the joint by experienced nuclear medicine specialists. This will inhibit the acute inflammation and thus reduce your pain.

Operative treatment methods

Arthrosis of the hand and wrist: Operation - options for hand surgery

In the case of advanced hand or wrist osteoarthritis, we can only achieve freedom from pain and symptoms through an operation.

If the wrist is not yet completely damaged, we will clean your joint as part of a minimally invasive arthroscopy. Our hand surgeon looks into your joint with the help of a camera to get an idea of ​​the condition of the cartilage, bone and ligaments. During this procedure, we can also remove inflammatory tissue from the joint space. This is how we prevent the inflammation from spreading to your bone and cartilage tissue.

If the articular cartilage of your wrist is severely damaged, only partially stiffening measures lead to permanent freedom from symptoms. We remove the damaged carpal bone and insert a block of bone between the remaining carpal bones.
After such an operation, the overall mobility of your wrist is reduced, but there is still sufficient residual mobility. As a rule, you can fully resume your professional activity and leisure activities without pain.

Osteoarthritis of the saddle joint: treatment with surgery

More women than men suffer from osteoarthritis of the thumb saddle joint (rhizarthrosis). Simple things such as screwing on objects or sewing are no longer possible. The rhizarthrosis can be treated well surgically. During the procedure, our specialists remove part of the joint. They then use the body's own tendon to stabilize the first metacarpal bone.

Arthrosis of the finger joint: treatment with surgery

In the advanced stages of the disease, the middle joints of the fingers can be replaced by prostheses. This enables our hand surgery specialists to achieve good treatment results.
If the end joints are affected, stiffening is the surgical procedure of choice. As a result, you only lose 5% of the total mobility of your finger and are painless in the long run.