What are the intrinsic properties of matter


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Intrinsic (lat.intrinsecus, “Inward”, “inward” or “inward”, “inwardly”) originally means “inwardly” or “inwardly”, in a later reinterpretation also “coming from within”. Intrinsic properties belong to the object itself and make it what it is. They cannot be observed from the outside and are therefore hidden from the outside. Intrinsic actions, also called autotelic, are self-determined and therefore do not need any external impetus. The opposite term is extrinsic.

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The term is used in a number of areas with specific meaning, viz

  • in marketing, where it describes the direct properties of a product (smell, taste, composition)
  • as a parameter of pharmacodynamics in medicine, see intrinsic activity
  • as a term from motivation theory, see intrinsic motivation
  • in physics, as conductivity and charge carrier concentration, see intrinsic conduction density and intrinsic conductivity
  • in statistics as a special form of the concept of stationarity, see intrinsic stationarity (statistics)
  • in astrophysics for a special singularity
  • in biology, e.g. B. with intrinsic proteins
  • in the modeling of dynamic systems intrinsic growth rate the rate of change of a state variable in relation to its concrete value
  • in economics as an explanation of price formation, the intrinsic valuation method
  • in traffic science for traffic in which the movement itself is the reason for using a means of transport, not the change of location (bike tour, "spray ride")
  • in physiology as intrinsic perception, d. H. the perception of a stimulus which has its origin in the sensory organ involved in the perception; for example diffraction disks caused by dead cells in the aqueous humor of the eye
  • in image processing as intrinsic camera parameters that record internal properties of the camera such as distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration. In contrast, the camera recording in relation to the world is described by the extrinsic camera parameters.

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