When does Infosys recruit students on campus


Infosys helps schools, colleges and universities to become a “feeling” educational institution - a digital ecosystem that perceives and reacts to the needs of various stakeholders. Schoolchildren and students benefit from personalized learning and efficient implementation of the offers. Teachers are supported in creating individual content and conducting online exams. Parents can track the performance of their children in the respective school year or semester and adjust the digital input accordingly. Furthermore, the administration is relieved by the integration of digital tools for streamlining the processes - from the admission of new students to campus recruitment, from the hiring of new lecturers / employees to billing.

Infosys builds on the extensive experience of hundreds of thousands of specialists who have gone through the Infosys Global Education Center, which opened in Mysore in 2002. In the center, junior staff, employees and executives are trained on a total of 15,000 m² with a mix of face-to-face and online learning. Infosys Wingspan is a cloud and mobile first open source learning platform for educational institutions and companies, with which skills can be assessed and knowledge gaps closed.

Infosys supports the education sector to navigate successfully through the new normal and to become more resilient with the help of the Live Enterprise Framework:

  • Scalable solutions for remote learning - Infosys enhances the learning experience through a robust online learning platform that enables personalized and immersive learning and includes modern learning methods such as game-based learning.
  • Accelerated move to the cloud - Infosys relies on cloud computing for infrastructure, data and applications from education providers to ensure high availability of learning resources. Our managed services for cloud infrastructures guarantee always-on access to multimedia applications including video-on-demand, gaming and live streaming.
  • Ensuring resilient IT systems - Infosys takes a holistic information security and cybersecurity approach to secure digital assets. Our remote management solution monitors servers, networks and endpoints to detect unauthorized intrusions and security incidents.
  • Design of resilient business processes - Infosys helps educational institutions conduct their activities more effectively by making processes in the areas of registration, administration, finance, bookkeeping and billing more efficient.