Are crime warrants nationwide

Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)

The federal and state security authorities deal intensively with people who belong to the right-wing political scene and who are wanted as suspects or convicts of crimes with an arrest warrant.

At the end of March 2019, there were a total of 657 open, i.e. H. arrest warrants against 497 people belonging to the right-wing political spectrum have not yet been executed.
There were no open arrest warrants for a terrorist act.
18 arrest warrants were based on a right-wing politically motivated violent crime (e.g. assault or resistance to law enforcement officers). 90 further arrest warrants existed for crimes with politically right motivation, such as the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, sedition and insults. The remaining 83 percent of the cases are in the area of ​​general crime, such as theft, fraud, fraudulent services, traffic offenses and others. assign.
Police investigations have been initiated in all cases.
This includes storage in all national and, insofar as the factual and legal requirements permit, international search systems so that every police contact will lead to immediate arrest. Further search measures are carried out on site by the responsible federal state offices.

In the case of violent crimes in particular, the wanted persons are subjected to a special examination in the Joint Extremism and Terrorism Defense Center. This serves to gain new knowledge for the investigation services of the federal and state governments.

The fact that between September 2018 and March 2019 alone more than 50% of the arrest warrants for people belonging to the politically right-wing scene were carried out shows that the police are carrying out the searches forcefully and successfully.
However, the ongoing crime scene means that new arrest warrants for other or even the same people have to be drawn up and search measures initiated.