When will Blacklight Retribution be back?

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  • The Lord of the Rings Online - The Rise of Isengard - Trailer

    The expansion The Rise of Isengart for the free-to-play online role-playing game The Lord of the Rings Online is to appear on September 27, 2011. Players encounter the dark magician Saruman, who strives for more power from his tower. In addition to new quests and regions, the expansion also provides an increase in the level cap from 65 to 75.

  • League of Legends - Trailer (Speed ​​Drawing)

    League of Legends is a free to play fantasy online role playing game from Riot Games. The speed drawing video shows in fast motion how champion Leona from the MMORPG is drawn as artwork.

  • AMD shows Blacklight Retribution with DirectX 11

    The first person shooter Blacklight Retribution, based on Epics Unreal Engine 3, shows its DirectX 11 effects in a graphics demonstration from AMD. This includes dynamic mesh tessellation as well as MLAA and real-time reflections. The game is to be offered free of charge as a free-to-play game and will enter the beta test phase in winter 2011.

  • Legend of Edda - Trailer (Gameplay)

    The free-to-play online role-playing game Legend of Edda revolves around the war between gods and titans from Greek mythology. The main focus of the anime-style browser game is battles between players among themselves (PvP).

  • Tribes Ascend - teaser

    The Tribes series returns to PC in 2011. The Hi-Rez studios' online shooter is supposed to be free-2-play.

  • Team Fortress 2 Trailer (Free2Play Announcement)

    Team Fortress 2 will be the first game to use the Free2Play model of the online sales platform Steam. Users can play the team shooter for free; a paid premium account unlocks additional content and functions. If you have already bought the game before, you will automatically receive this subscription without additional payment.

  • Wizardry Online - Trailer (Cinematic)

    The Japanese publisher Gamepot wants to revive the Wizardry series as a free-to-play role-playing game. A first cinematic trailer from Wizardry Online is supposed to get in the mood for the MMOG, which is also being published in Europe and the USA.

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online - Launch Trailer

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online is a free-to-play online shooter that is all about tactics and using the environment for cover. The game developed by Ubisoft Singapore is to be financed through sales of in-game items and paid live support.