How will pitch decks develop?

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Pitch deck

The Pitch deck is enjoying increasing popularity, especially in the startup and investor scene. With the help of this short presentation try to convince founders and startups, investors and financiers of their idea. On a few presentation slides, startups present you according to a defined scheme Team, your business idea and the competitive environment in front.

With the help of the pitch deck, an investor can quickly get an overview of the startup, the players and their plans. In contrast to the classic business plan, it should motivate and inspire instead of just providing sober facts.

Development of a pitch deck

When developing a pitch deck there are no general recipe for success. However, there are some uniform aspects that have proven effective. A pitch deck usually comprises between 10 and a maximum of 15 slides. The slides should be clearly laid out, you should avoid too much text. Pictures and graphics are welcome. The presentation must be able to answer all the important questions without being too dissolute. The motto is: Keep it short and simple! Work out a unique selling point that will be remembered by your target audience. Pay attention to your narrative style and adapt your content to your audience. Make your presentation as exciting as possible.

Building a pitch deck

  1. The title slide: It serves as an introduction. The rule here is: less is more.
  2. The team: Establish a personal relationship with the founding team.
  3. The problem: Describe the (comprehensible) problem for which you have a solution.
  4. The solution: Present your product or service as the optimal solution.
  5. The product or service: Here you can go into detail.
  6. The market: who is your target group? Is there a need?
  7. The unique selling point: What makes your service or your product unique?
  8. The competition: why and in what are you better than everyone else?
  9. The business model: What sources of income do you have? How and when do you want to generate sales?
  10. Investor slide: What funds do you need and what do you use them for?

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