How does your body heal after the operation

After breast surgery

When it comes to finding the ideal appointment for plastic surgery, it is important to allow for adequate recovery time after the procedure. Always remember: Breast augmentation is an operation - with all the risks and consequences, including pain and scars. And just like any other surgery, your body needs to heal afterwards.

Don't be alarmed if you don't feel particularly well shortly after the operation. This is a completely normal effect and is primarily caused by the decaying anesthesia. Every day you get fitter again. The important thing is that you give your body time to recover.

Do not try to speed up the healing process. This is absolutely crucial and applies to any type of surgery.

Average recovery time

Take the recovery period seriously. After the operation, you should focus on your recovery. Help your body heal.

Follow your doctor's instructions

Your doctor knows best what to look for after surgery. If you have any questions or do not fully understand the instructions, do not hesitate to contact him.

Bathing & showering

Be careful not to let the incision sites get wet. Water can loosen the grind, which can interfere with the formation of new skin. A quick shower is generally fine, but since you will be weak after the operation, you may feel dizzy.

It is therefore best to sit on a plastic chair or a chair covered with plastic bags when showering. In some cases, you should even only use washcloths and only shower again when you have regenerated.

Compression clothing

Even if you feel uncomfortable at times, you should always wear your compression clothing and surgical bra. Around the clock. You can only do without it for a short while when showering.

Exhaustion after the operation

It is normal to feel tired and exhausted after an operation. As with other surgeries, breast surgery is also painful. But with enough rest and a healthy diet, you will soon feel better. Get up every 2-3 hours and take a few steps, this promotes healing and provides new energy. You should also visit the bathroom regularly.

The right food

To prevent post-operative nausea, eat light meals and drink a lot. In the first few days, soup, crackers and jelly are the right choice. After that, more substantial content is also allowed. However, you should avoid unhealthy fats. These can be found in margarine, frozen meals, and foods with saturated fats, for example.

The following also applies: Do not smoke!

Smoking slows the healing process and increases the risk of complications.

Be patient

Give your body the time it needs to get used to the new situation. Of course, your breast augmentation is immediately visible, but the final shape and size of the new breast are often only achieved after six months. Patience is also required with the scars caused by breast surgery. A slight reddening is normal as they heal.


Enjoy the time you recover from the surgery. Read or meditate, watch a few movies, or get some sleep. Sleep is the best and most natural form of relaxation - and ensures healthy healing.