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Football Betting Tips: The 10 Best Sites for Professional Betting Tips May 2021

In the search for the safest, German websites for the best sports betting tips, you quickly come across a sea of ​​wild comments from our compatriots, who argue that, in their opinion, there are no good sites for professional betting tips for today - that's all Rip off! You could just as easily find all the information on your own and don't have to rely on tips from strangers.

We find that this takes too much time and we trust the free sports betting tips predictions of some betting tip sites. For those who are also interested in the best websites for football betting, here is our selection. Read the tips and try your luck with these operators:

Professional betting tips for the Bundesliga May 2021 - Top 10

Here you will find a number of betting tips predictions for the upcoming Bundesliga games so that you can bet live like a pro.

10th place: Wettbasis.com for current betting tips

Of course, wettbasis.com must also be mentioned among the numerous soccer betting tips websites. Wettbasis.com has always been a very popular contact point for tipsters in German-speaking countries, as the best betting tips are published here by professionals. The authors pay particular attention to statistics, the current form curve of both parties and to special circumstances. Then a conclusion is drawn and the most sensible betting tip is suggested. It doesn't always have to be the most profitable, but very often the right betting tip.

If you compare wettbasis.com with other soccer betting tips websites, you can see that firstly expert tips are published by experienced authors and that these are analyzed and explained very extensively. In addition, the best possible odds are given for the corresponding tip.

The best sports betting tips websites are limited to professional football betting tips. At wettbasis.com you can count on betting tips from professionals for all important and current sporting events. These include tips for soccer, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, American football or handball. The lion's share belongs to the football tips, where you can find professional betting tips for almost all major leagues (Serie A, Premier League, Champions League, 2nd Bundesliga, etc.) and games (Premier League matches, FC Bayern Munich games, etc.) ) Find.

No question about it, wettbasis.com is certainly one of the top addresses when it comes to professional betting tips for May 2021. No matter if layperson or expert, everyone gets their money's worth here. If you would like to benefit from a sports betting bonus from an online betting provider, please note: The terms and conditions apply. However, before you deposit money with a provider, you should compare the betting odds of several bookmakers. Wettbasis.com can help you with the creation of your analysis and strategy.

9th place: Sportwettentest.net experiences

Many professional betting tips websites offer betting tips from professionals without providing specific information about the best odds or the best online bookmakers. Professional betting tips should also provide information about the best possible odds from the various bookmakers. If you want to draw from the full here, you can find out more on sportwettentest.net. You won't find any Pro Betting Tips May 2021 here, but you will find everything about the best bookmakers and odds.

Sportwettentest.net cannot be counted among the soccer betting tips websites, but definitely one of the best bookmaker test websites. You can find the best football tips here. Here you will not only be informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of the best bookmakers, but also about the best odds for the respective events, leagues or sports. This is very helpful when you, as a tipster, decide on a certain sport or league.

There is also the menu item “Advice”, where you can find out everything about sports betting from A to Z. The section “Betting strategies” is particularly recommended here. Very interesting articles about various strategies are regularly published here and general betting methods are questioned and analyzed. There is also a wide-ranging customer service that will answer all your questions about sports betting and bookmakers in a friendly manner.

Even if you cannot speak of a soccer betting tips website at sportwettentest.net, you will still get your money's worth here and find very useful and helpful information about bookmakers, odds and sports betting. On the basis of all this information you can decide for yourself whether, for example, betting on the Premier League is worthwhile for you and how much money you would like to deposit with an online bookmaker so that you can make your own betting experience.

8th place for sports betting tips: Vitisport.de

Although the Vitisport betting tip website appears to be a bit overwhelmed at first glance and overlooked with distracting advertisements - once you have looked at it, you can quickly find the information you want.

Total will be Match predictions and sports betting tips for more than 80 leagues covered at Vitisport and probabilities shown from current tables. In this way Vitisport provides a large number of betting tips today.

Nevertheless, it couldn't hurt to bundle the many tables on the start pages and thus the obvious ones Information overload to take a bit of the heaviness.

7th place: Forebet.com/de in sports betting tips

Forebet is a statistics based one Football forecastthat through mathematical analysiscalculated by computers has been.

This calculation is based on the following elements: the percentage probability of the outcome of the game, the most frequently obtained results, meteorological conditions during the game, the best sports betting tips for the average number of goals in the game, which bookmaker suggests the highest quotient for predicting the outcome of the game, the optimal bet based on Kelly's system and the real end result.

The idea behind it was developed by gamers for gamers and is aimed at the user to feed them with as much information as possible before the game. With the Forebet.com betting tip you will be able to place bets like a pro. So you have a lot of information that can be very helpful to you in live betting, for example.

If you live in the UK, the best way to stay up to date with all the latest sports betting news and tips is to go to https://mybettingsites.co.uk/.

6th place: Wett.info.de comparison

This side is all sports fans and not just dedicated to football fans. Here every bet is carefully and lovingly analyzed, sorted by date and clearly listed. However, the provider differs largely from other competing sites, as here the Betting predictions given by the users become. So this website has a wide range of betting tips today.

Other visitors and users of the site can view, comment or rate the best sports betting tips. This allows the respective forecasts to be made Credibility win. In addition, you can see who submitted the tip, at what rate and with how many units.

Unfortunately, the constant reading through the analyzes and forecasts without any graphic background sometimes a bit tedious. Pie charts or tables would do the site well.

5th place: Fussballprognosen24.com for Bundesliga bets

Fußballprognosen24 is a very user-friendly and clear page. The Design is self-explanatory and lets you quickly see the essential information.

The team consists of professional tipsters who analyze games for you and make high-quality betting predictions for you. Beginners in particular, but also professionals, can quickly find the sports betting tips they need and view the betting history publicly on the home page. On the side you can play on the English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, French League 1, Bundesliga, Primera Division and Serie A Italy tap. Deposits can be made here via Skrill and Western Union be made.

All in all, it's a good site that brings a lot of information about the games and presents it in a simplified way.

4th place: Smartbets.com/de for your sport analysis

The smartbets.com/de portal is without a doubt one of the best-known sites when it comes to detailed analyzes of football matches. The operators attach great importance to data and statistics from the past in their sports betting tips. They believe that this is the most certain way to predict results.

The available live soccer betting tips are not limited to this. In addition, the developments within the clubs are taken into account in current preliminary reports. Thanks to various test reports, users can find out which providers have the best promotions in their range. The betting odds of the individual providers can also be compared with one another here.

Smartbets.com/de is definitely one of the sites that is also aimed at less active tipsters. Anyone who occasionally wants to place a bet while watching a match live is in good hands here to increase their chances of winning.

3rd place: Bettingexpert.de: Betting tips today

The bettingexpert.de portal is one of the sites that is not limited to professional betting tips May 2021 in football. Other sports such as tennis, basketball and ice hockey are equally served. In addition, the portal's sports betting tips are very specific.

Hobby tipsters not only find out how they can improve their chances of success, but are also specifically informed about the respective favorite of a game. Bettingexpert.de is always up to date: users can find out which games of the desired sport are coming up on the start page.

So if you are looking for betting tips predictions for your online soccer bets and also want to bet the victory of FC Bayern Munich, you will find a number of betting provider experiences on this website that will help you to analyze and adapt your betting strategy .

A little extra: from time to time, raffles take place on the portal, in which everyone can participate.

2nd place: Wettfreunde.net for top betting odds

The wettfreunde.net portal not only inspires its users with the best sports betting tips or betting tips predictions, but also provides a direct comparison of the most important bookmakers. It shows how users can best use the providers' bonuses for their purposes and who is at the top of the odds. In addition, wettfreunde.net is one of the pages that provide timely reports on current betting providers' promotions.

If a bookmaker has a special bonus or free bets on offer, the portal's readers will be the first to know about it. Last but not least, the site is a good contact for specific advice on sporting events and of course professional betting tips in football May 2021.

In a preview of current football matches, users can find out what needs to be considered, for example which players are currently injured. With all these betting tips from professionals you can then bet more successfully.

1st place: Wettportal.com for the best football fun

We firmly believe that the betting portal is clearly the best betting prediction service on the market.

The wettportal.com website is not only clearbut that The offer is also still large and in different languages available. In the offer of the best sports betting tips, not only the odds of the top leagues are taken into account, but also odds from all countries down to the lower leagues.

Each individual bet is analyzed textually and graphically and classified realistically based on the previous course of the game.

The football Bundesliga is particularly dedicated to the best sports betting tips thanks to constant game reviews. Long-term industry experts of the sports betting scene deal with the most interesting bets of the next few days and present special sports betting tips and odds percentage gain or loss of the individual experts.

Sports betting fans can get valuable professional betting tips for May 2021 and interesting information on current games on various websites. What needs to be considered: In many cases, these portals are aimed at a specific target group. After all, there are real experts in sports betting and such people who only give a tip from time to time.

The evaluated sports betting tips are with Result in the history shown.

After this analysis you can decide like a pro whether you want to place 50 euros or 100 euros on bets. You can work out your own betting strategy, compare the odds at your favorite bookmaker and win a bonus.

If you are still looking for a suitable prediction game template for your sports betting, then you will find it here!

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