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MS Word Help

Word 2007

  • Document cannot be saved.

"Word cannot complete the save because of a file permission error".

1. word options> trust center> settings for the trust center (button)> add new storage location (button)> add path> check mark next to "subfolders of this storage location are also trustworthy"

2. Kaspersky settings:

  • In the File Anti-Virus component, change the file scan mode to "On access and changes"
o Open the main application window o Click the Settings button in the top right corner of the window o In the left part of the window select the Anti-Virus section o In the right part of the window click the Settings button in the File-Anti-Virus section Virus o Switch to the Advanced tab o In the Scan mode section select On access and changes o Click the OK button twice o Close the main application window

Open Word 2.0 / 6.0 document

Error message: The document's file type is blocked by a registry policy setting

Remedy: The file must first be copied into a trustworthy storage location so that Word opens it. (e.g. Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Templates. see Then open the file normally and save it under the current file type.

Tested by word 2007

Repair Corrupted Word Documents

Troubleshoot directly from Microsoft.
Applied to: File cannot be opened


Adjust total number of pages

In the case of documents with covers that do not include the first page, the total number of pages is 1 too high.

  • Go to the footer.
  • create a curly bracket with Ctrl + F9
  • enter the following string: {= {Numpages} - 1}
  • Then mark the string in gray and switch off the field functions with the right mouse button