Why do we maintain our relationships

Maintaining relationships: that really matters

Friendships, family ties, professional contacts or any other kind of acquaintance all have one thing in common: if you want to maintain them in the long term, you have to have them Maintain relationship. Regular but half-hearted contact is not enough. Rather, you should take enough time for the relationships that are really important to you. If you don't do this, you shouldn't be surprised if you slowly but surely lose sight of friends and the intensity of other contacts also diminishes. But what does the Relationship maintenance actually and with which gestures and behaviors can you actually do something for the relationship? We show what really counts when you want to maintain a relationship ...

5 ways you can be in a relationship

Unfortunately there is no silver bulletto nurture and maintain a relationship. Every friendship is individual, contact with different colleagues can be based on completely different principles and everyone has other needs and demandswhen it comes to relationships.

Some friendships not only work for years, but also over great distances. It is enough to see each other occasionally, on the phone or to write from time to time and when you meet, it seems as if everything is exactly as it was before. Other relationships need more frequent face-to-face contact in order to function.

So if you want to maintain a relationship, you must first of all find out what the other expects. With this knowledge, you can be specific to each individual and cultivate relationships that really work and make a lasting positive impression. To give you a little help, we have five options put together with which you can maintain a relationship:

  1. attention

    Relationships always have something to do with respect and they show it especially when you show your counterpart Give undivided attention. Sounds easy? But this is anything but a matter of course, especially in today's world. You constantly look at your smartphone, check e-mails, quickly post a photo, read the latest news and check sports results - all while sitting at the table with others and having a chat.

    Full attention is therefore a simple yet effective way to maintain a relationship. Put the phone down, turn off the TV and take the opportunity to really deal with the other person - and listen to her or him (see video):

  2. confirmation

    It's not about always Yes and amen accept. Some might also call this cultivation of relationships, but it is basically just hypocrisy and sloppiness. Honesty is better received, but positive things in particular are far too often left unsaid. It is easy to express criticism, but most find it very difficult to put positive feelings into words and express them to the other.

    Take heart and say what you like about the other, what you respect him for and what you admire about him. It works in the same way if you encourage him to take on a task at hand or if you confirm a decision you have made and explain that you can understand the step. Such affirmations stay in the memory for a long time and strengthen the relationship.

  3. Gifts

    A relationship shouldn't be all about gifts, but these are good opportunities to keep in touch. However, it is imperative that the following applies: It is not important to spend as much money as possible and give away luxury products. At most, it seems as if you are trying to show off your financial resources or to buy someone else's favor. Is in the foreground the gesture and the meaning behind itthat you thought of the other.

    So it is not expensive, but personal and thoughtful gifts that are particularly good for maintaining relationships. It can be just a small thing, but if it shows that you really thought about each other's preferences, the effect is even greater.

  4. Body contact

    How much physical contact is allowed and appropriate always depends on the relationship, of course, but if it's not your boss or just a distant acquaintance, you can Maintain the relationship with just a few touches. A hand on the shoulder or brief touches on the arm during a conversation create intimacy and can make the other person feel more connected to you.

    In a circle of friends, hugs can cultivate relationships. It seems like a minor thing, but it feels different if you just give someone your hand in greeting or take them in your arms. Love relationships can also be cultivated through physical contact, holding hands and also kissing strengthens the bond and shows without words that one likes to be with the other.

  5. Like

    If you want to be in a relationship, you should not only concerned with your own benefit to be, but to do something disinterested. Just ask yourself: what could the other need? How do I make him happy or can I do some work for him? With such small favors, you show that you care about the other person, that you want them to be okay, and that you are not interested in benefiting from the situation yourself.

    As is well known, actions speak louder than words, so you don't just promise to do something, you promise put your words into action too. In doing so, you also show that you can really be relied on - and this is the only way to build trust that is essential for relationships.

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