What is mixed and additional concrete

Quick tie

SAKRET Schnellbinder is easy to useif you proceed carefully and planned. You should also pay attention to your securityrespect, think highly of: When working with concrete, you should wear gloves and long sleeves because the building material can irritate the skin. Above all, protect your eyes from splashes with protective goggles.

Please note that the SAKRET quick connector change the properties of the original products. SAKRET Schnellbinder contains high-alumina cement, which solidifies particularly quickly after being mixed.

Not only is the processing time reduced, the setting times are also postponed until the concrete has reached its final strength. For this reason SAKRET is allowed to use Schnellbinder not for reinforced concrete be used.

While the concrete is drying, you should protect it from direct sunlight, drafts and extreme temperatures.

Make sure you only have clean sand and gravel without loamy or organic Ingredients to use. Use only clean and rust-free tools and immediately clean the vessels and tools with water. Remember, after just a few minutes, the mortar is dry on the tool.

You shouldn't throw material leftovers in the trash, but hand them in at an authorized collection point as construction waste.