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Seasonal calendar for the whole year

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  1. Seasonal calendar of vegetables
  2. Seasonal calendar fruit & nuts
  3. Salad & Herbs Seasonal Calendar
  4. Seasonal calendar for each month
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What's in season and when? So that you don't lose track of things, we show you in our seasonal calendar which foods are in season in Germany and when and which fruits and vegetables are available from stock. You will also find the individual seasonal calendars for fruit and vegetables for each month with selected onesRecipe collections(the best 30 recipes).

If the short summaries are not enough for you, you can find out more about the respective foods in our product information. Our infographics also show you the health benefits of the food.

A seasonal and regional diet is not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly. You can check out ours Seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables also print them out so that you always have quick information about which food is freshly available. Just click here:

Seasonal calendar of fruits and vegetables as PDF

Seasonal calendar of vegetables

In summer we have the largest selection of seasonal vegetables, especially between June and October. But the cold months also have great seasonal vegetables to offer: turnip in winter, kale is in season from November to February, Brussels sprouts from October to March, and of course the pumpkin in autumn. Sweet potatoes and mushrooms are even available all year round.

Onions, cabbage varieties, beetroot, potatoes and carrots are also available in stock all year round. All foods can be found listed in the seasonal vegetables calendar.

Do you grow vegetables yourself in the garden or on the balcony? Then take a look at our seasonal calendar for the garden. In this garden plan we show you when you need to plant and care for which vegetables or fruits.

Seasonal calendar fruit & nuts

The seasonal calendar for fruit is also very busy in the warm summer months. The first season is rhubarb from April, followed by strawberries, cherries and other berries. Apples are available in storage all year round, but their main season is from August to October. Fresh quinces, pears, plums, plums and rose hips are also available for a long time and well into the cold autumn months.

In winter, of course, you can use imported goods, but pay attention to the fair trade seal! You can find all types of fruit and nuts in the seasonal fruit and nuts calendar.

Salad & Herbs Seasonal Calendar

Salad is also in season and those who want variety can buy fresh salad all year round. There are winter and summer salads. In summer, batavia, iceberg lettuce, lettuce and rocket are in season. In winter you can buy chircorée, lamb's lettuce or purslane seasonally.

You can also buy fresh herbs depending on the month, for example wild garlic is in season from March to May, and basil from June to October. Oregano and parsley can be bought regionally from June. You can of course also buy herbs super dried. All salads and herbs can be found in the Salad and Herbs seasonal calendar.

If you plant herbs yourself, create a herb spiral - so you can always use fresh herbs from the garden.

Here you can find the individual seasonal calendars for each month:

Click here for the print version of the seasonal calendar for the whole year:

Seasonal calendar for the whole year as PDF