What percentage of vodka is ethanol

What percentage of alcohol should good vodka have?

Vodka is not always the same as vodka. As a connoisseur you should be aware that there are differences between the different providers. In addition to the design of the bottle, the degree of distillation and purity and flavor additives, the alcohol content of the respective vodka is also decisive. Because not every vodka has the same percentage of alcohol. There are differences here. The level of alcohol content has no explicit effect on the quality of the vodka.

The term “vodka” is legally protected nowadays. According to the spirits regulation number 110/2008, certain manufacturing steps are prescribed in order to guarantee the very own taste. This also stipulates the minimum number of 37.5 percent by volume.

Alcohol content of vodka

37 percent is also the minimum value for good vodka. Incidentally, this has not always been the case in the history of the beverage. Before the 18th century, the distillation methods were too bad, so that vodka only had 20 percent alcohol at that time.

Nowadays, 40 percent is considered the perfect value for vodka. However, there are variants that each have 30 or 50 percent alcohol. However, these usually differ in price. Even smaller amounts increase the blood alcohol level in your own blood. Therefore, vodka should always be drunk in moderation. Gender and your own body weight influence how strong and how fast the alcohol in the vodka gets into the blood. So always remember - moderate enjoyment brings more.