Why can't I play chess?

  • Hi Guys,

    have a problem and I can't play chess. So I put it down and the chairs to go with it. but when i go into life mode and play chess. if the sim goes there, it then shows the chairs in this thought bubble. no matter where I put the chairs, it always comes back.

    what am I doing wrong.

    Greetings from


  • Are you sure you used a chair and not an armchair? The Sims can only use the chessboard if you have put proper chairs there and not armchairs.

  • yup, i put chairs down, but why does it not work with armchairs in the first part did it work?

  • Your "chessboard" is probably upside down. Just turn it and see if your Sim can play with it. It was the same for me when I finally knew what it was like

  • Thank you, that worked.


  • One of my Sims says she should play chess ... but where does that work?
    Unfortunately I never played SIms before, so I don't know that much: confused:

  • Buy a chess table + chair in the shopping menu and then send the Sim to it to play chess ...