Why should you take information technology

When is an IT solution good?

How can you tell whether an IT solution is good or bad? How does a bad IT solution come about. Tips for a bad choice.

Good or bad?

Bad choose

How Not To Choose Software Better: Follow These Tips And You Are Guaranteed To Make A Bad Choice.

Use the first software you come across or just listen to other people's opinions

You don't have to be clear about what you really need beforehand. Orientate yourself on what is happening to you at the moment and listen to others who use software for something similar.

Trust the provider that everything is not a problem

The smallest problems are those that are not even discussed in detail. It's not an issue either, after all, IT can meet all requirements and money is not an issue for you.

The more functions, the better!

If you are already investing, the new solution should play all of it. No matter how often you actually use a function - such a system must support you in all situations. In addition, the functions you will need in the future must also be available, you will certainly need them.

Just no adaptation to your own organization

The new system was already expensive enough and it can do everything anyway. The few adjustments will be made over time as you become more familiar with the system. And learning by the “trial and error” method is anyway the best way for users to get along with the new system.

One system replaces everything!

Just like SAP, Oracle, Baan and the other large providers do it, it is ideal: one system covers all areas of the company and replaces all existing systems: it's easy! In addition, this software is used by many companies, which it has to be good at - distinguishing between modules here is just useless effort. And you don't have to worry about the future security of your investment with a large provider.

Don't worry about the operation

Choosing the right software and the right provider is work enough. The provider will then also have the right solution for the operation. You don't have to worry about data security, availability and costs in advance.

How can it be done better?

In order to arrive at a good IT solution, it is best to heed this step-by-step guide.

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