What is a parrot's favorite food


What is a wavy parrot's favorite food?

It seems that everything is very simple - I bought a specialmixture in a box, pour it into the feeder every day and rejoice. But parakeet lovers often worry about the question - is it possible to treat your pet with everything he really likes?

It's a matter of habit

Although the wavy parrot is a small bird, the largest representatives of birds can envy its tenacity. If we are your Kesha decided that he would only eat millet, we can harm ourselves in the cake, offer him other types of food, but no effect. However, this doesn't mean that parrots love to peck only one thing. You just got your copy used to a certain service, and probably not realizing how much the world still exists any vkusnostey.Imenno, so remember - any kind of food (useful or tasty) will be sure to teach your budgie . There may be times when he is happy to accept the new food proposed, but when it doesn't, show perseverance. If you find a new kind of goodies lying in the trough angle with the usual food, sooner or later, a little experimenter will be interested and give it a try. And suddenly what is it like?

Summer vitamins

Much like parrots and fresh fruits or vegetables. A delicacy in the form of ripe berries is also gladly accepted. In the summer, treat your feathered friend to lush grass with an asterisk (it is also called lobster among the people). Typically, a parrot doesn't need to be persuaded to try these juicy appetizing greens. As soon as you can see them, the birds begin to concentrate their plucking. If possible, once a week, add small pieces of fruit or berries to the diet of parrots, their birds are also very fond. Vegetables will also be useful for a variety of diets and as a source of fresh vitamins, but some parrots refuse them. To get your feathered pet used to a vegetable diet, it is better to gradually offer pieces of sweet vegetables first: carrots or beets. And what a joy your parrot will experience at the sight of a fat caterpillar or an insect brought from the street or from the garden! Parrots willingly eat mosquitos, wax moths, fruit flies, and also small crickets and flies.

Winter goodies

When to take care of tasty and useful feeding for parrots, that is, winter. You can feed your pet sprouted food, or you can even grow greens specifically for this in a separate container. Both the components of the grain feed and the usual seeds of oats, cows, hemp or wheat are suitable for these purposes. Also suitable grass for cats that is sold in pet shops has already sprouted.