Is Stripe better than PayPal for freelancers

Stripe Payments overview

Stripe is a very versatile provider with a lot of cleverly solved features. Unfortunately, this is also noticeable in the developer docs. Stripe goes to great lengths to cover everything, which unfortunately does not always work out clearly. In many places the documentation resembles a labyrinth with a lot of branches and partly outdated features, as well as related comments. A quick search on something basic like "How do I start a transaction with a new customer" can quickly lead to 10 open tabs and a lateral headache.

Another shortcoming is the receipts. Stripe allows its users to send the coolly designed and automatically generated receipts directly to the customer, but due to the lack of VAT information, these do not meet the conditions for a small receipt. What initially looks like a small thing quickly becomes problematic here, because it is not possible to add or edit these documents. Stripe refers here to partners like Ramp Receipts, which promise adaptability for an additional charge ($ 20 / month). However, this only works to a limited extent and, in my opinion, is too expensive a solution for solving this small but unavoidable problem. So you tend to end up automatically creating and sending receipts yourself. All because of a lack of option - it can be frustrating.