Why is technical math so complicated

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  • "The mistake lay in the very beginning, when you disguised and appointed less successful mathematicians as professors for this new field of study and the curricula more or less resembled an abstract mathematics course."

  • "The theoretical orientation not only makes the course much more difficult than in other countries, but above all it leads to incorrectly trained computer scientists. For the students, the training leads to great frustration, because the idea of ​​the actually very beautiful professional fields of computer science is in the four semesters of linear algebra and other compact theory courses bitterly disappointed. "

  • "A big problem is that computer science students can earn a lot of money relatively easily (from a student's point of view) if they have acquired knowledge in some areas (e.g. PHP, MySQL, CSS, Java, AJAX, etc.) Then it is only a matter of time before they take less and less time to study. "

  • "Today every high school student has a PC and also works with it. Then he is amazed when he is confronted with Java, compiler technology and the like at university."

  • "Mathematics or subjects with a high proportion of mathematics such as statistics or theoretical computer science are misused as" sieve subjects "in order to bring the number of students back into line with the number of study places and to justify a certain elite status (" Only the best make it with us ... ")"

  • "It is difficult for students that the subject area of ​​computer science is very broad - mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, system analysis, cybernetics, communications engineering. At many universities there are no standard curricula, and the students lose track of which basic and advanced courses they need Have to do this in time to achieve a degree in the standard period of study. "