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The cathedral of Nantes burned, a large-scale operation was the result. There is a suspicion of arson. Now there is another arrest.

  • A fire broke out in Nantes Cathedral on Saturday morning (July 18).
  • Is it arson? A man taken into custody was initially released (see update from July 19, 10:56 p.m.).
  • Now the suspect is back in custody.

Update from July 26th, 10:38 am: One week after fire in the Cathedral in Nantes the judiciary has one Suspect taken into custody. Like the French regional newspaper Press Océan and other media reported on Sunday (July 26), citing prosecutors, the 39-year-old confessed to an investigating judge the night he was three Fire to have laid in the house of God. Be motive initially remained unclear. A preliminary investigation was opened against the man.

The man was already last weekend - immediately after Fire in the house of God - came into police custody, but was then released again (see below). According to earlier information from the public prosecutor's office, it is a volunteer who worked in the diocese. He was therefore in favor of closing the cathedral on the eve of the fire.

Nantes: After a fire in the cathedral - investigators suffer setback after arrest

Update from July 20, 2:52 p.m .: Two days after the fire in the cathedral of Nantes in western France, the investigators grope in the dark: A man who had initially been arrested was free again on Monday, as the public prosecutor announced. The volunteer was "not involved in the act," said public prosecutor Pierre Sennès of the newspaper "Presse Océan". The 39-year-old was temporarily taken into custody and questioned by the police. He had finished church on Friday night.

According to Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, the French state wants to participate in the reconstruction of the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral. There is still no estimate of the cost of the reconstruction. According to the fire department, the great organ burned down completely. Among other things, the large stained glass window in the facade and art objects were destroyed or damaged.

A tragic accident has now occurred in the south of France. A family has an accident in a traffic accident. Five children are found dead.

Fire in Nantes Cathedral: arrested man free again

Update from July 19, 10:56 p.m .: One after that devastating fire in the cathedral of Nantes Man taken into police custody is free again. He was released on Sunday evening, the media reported, citing the prosecutor of Nantes, Pierre Sennès. There is no further prosecutionSennès told the local newspaper Press Océan. Accordingly, there was no connection between the 39-year-old and the fire.

Update from July 19, 10:23 a.m .:After it was initially said that a suspect had been arrested in Nantes after the major fire in a cathedral, the public prosecutor rowed back: Although the police have taken a man into custody, statements as to whether the man was involved in the alleged arson had been made however, "premature and premature," emphasized prosecutor Pierre Sennès to the AFP news agency.

The man taken into custody was responsible for closing the cathedral on Friday evening. Therefore, the investigators wanted to "clarify certain aspects of his daily routine," said Sennès. Investigators assume that Fire in the Gothic Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral was intentionally placed. On Saturday, Sennès said that the fire had broken out in three different places in the church. Accordingly, the sources of the fire were far apart.

Nantes: A man was taken into custody after a major fire in the cathedral

Update from July 19, 9.28 a.m .: After early Saturday morning in the French Nantes a Cathedral on fire stood and the suspicion of Arson a man was taken into custody on Sunday morning. This was reported by the AFP news agency, citing the public prosecutor's office. Prior to this, public prosecutor Pierre Sennès announced on Saturday that three sources of fire were discovered in the cathedral (see update from July 18, 11:46 a.m.). However, no signs of burglary were found in the first investigations.

Also first pictures of the Damage published the diocese on Saturday. It can be seen that large parts of the main organ had fallen into the interior of the church and lay there as a charred heap of rubble. The organ and also a big one Stained glass window from the 15th century completely destroyedannounced the diocese. In addition, the pictures showed a burned-out cupboard and large traces of soot on the wall behind it.

head of state Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter: "After Notre Dame stands the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral in the heart of Nantes in flames. ”He further emphasized that the church was a“ Gothic jewel ”and thanked the fire brigade for putting themselves at great risk to save the cathedral.

Après Notre-Dame, la cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, au cœur de Nantes, est en flammes. Soutien à nos sapeurs-pompiers qui prennent tous les risques pour sauver ce joyau gothique de la cité des Ducs.

- Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) July 18, 2020

Nantes: After a fire in the cathedral there is a suspicion of arson - investigations have started

Update from July 18, 11.46 a.m .:After the fire in the Cathedral in Nantes the public prosecutor's office is now investigating arson. The fire broke out in three places, said Nantes public prosecutor Pierre Sennes, the local radio station France Bleu Loire Ocean. It couldn't be a coincidence.

During the day, investigators would visit the church. A source of fire is with the great organ and two more left and right in the nave been found. This was reported by the television broadcaster BFMTV, citing the public prosecutor's office.

Incendie à la cathédrale de Nantes: le feu est circonscrit, la piste criminelle privilégiée

- France Bleu (@francebleu) July 18, 2020

Update from July 18, 10.55 a.m .: Jean Castex, France's Prime Minister, thanked the emergency services on Twitter. The people in Nantes he wants his solidarity pronounce it, wrote Castex. He announced that he would be together with the Minister of Culture on Saturday afternoon Roselyne Bachelot and interior minister Gérald Darmanin to Nantes to drive to see the damage.

Je me rendrai cet après-midi sur place, avec le ministre de l’Intérieur @GDarmanin et la ministre de la Culture @R_Bachelot.

- Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) July 18, 2020

Nantes Cathedral on fire: fire brigade sends large contingent - part "completely destroyed"

Update from July 18, 10.30 a.m .: Numerous fire fighters are in the fire Cathedral in Nantes in action. The major fire is according to the Fire brigade under control. The damage is concentrated on the large organ, which was "completely destroyed", said the Fire chief Laurent Ferlay at a press conference.

The platform on which the organ stands was "very unstable" and threatened to collapse, said Ferlay. With the major fire in the Paris Notre Dame Cathedral Last year, however, the fire was not comparable, he said. How the fire could break out is still unclear.

Big fire broke out in French cathedral: situation not yet under control

First report from July 18, 9.22 a.m .:

Nantes - In the cathedral A fire broke out in Nantes on Saturday morning. The fire brigade in the northern French department of Loire-Atlantique informed the AFP news agency that the emergency services were alerted at 7.44 a.m. Let the fire be not under control, 60 firefighters are on duty. "The fire is not under control, it is spreading," said the fire brigade. It is a "major fire".

Nantes: fire broke out in cathedral - situation not yet under control

A Videoposted on the French Fire Brigade's Twitter channel, shows the blazing flames over the entrance to the church.

#Nantes | Courage aux sapeurs- # pompiers du @ SDIS44 engagés sur l’ # incendie à la cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul de #Nantes.
Protéger, secourir et sauver.

- Pompiers de France (@PompiersFR) July 18, 2020

Another photo shows the flames blazing behind a window above the gates. Clouds of smoke drift over the nave.

#Nantes Courage et soutien à nos collègues sapeurs-pompiers du @ SDIS44 qui luttent actuellement contre l’incendie qui ravage la cathédrale de @nantesfr 🙏🏻

- Sapeurs-pompiers de la Loire / SDIS 42 (@ sdis42) July 18, 2020

Fire in Nantes Cathedral

The cathedral dates from the French late Gothic period and is dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul. In 2015 there was already a violent church fire in Nantes. At that time, the flames destroyed most of the roof structure of the Saint-Donatien church.

In April 2019, the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris kept firefighters and those around the world on their toes. The accident has protracted consequences for the Parisian landmark.

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