Why do psychopaths, sociopaths multiply

Is he a sociopath? 5 phrases narcissists and sociopaths say to drive you crazy

The following five sentences are often used by sociopaths to hurt others and make them feel small. You can be prepared for that.

Each of us will have to deal with a sociopathic person at least once in a lifetime who at first glance appears completely innocent. At second glance, however, they should be treated with caution. In fact, they designed it to give you the ability to empathize with your thoughts and feelings, manipulate very specifically in their favor.

Sociopaths appear in the family as well as in the circle of friends and of course you can also meet them in your professional life. There are certain things that people with this behavior say or do to manipulate you. We tell you which 5 things these are in "5 Sentences Narcissists and Sociopaths Say to Drive You Crazy".

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1. You are just ...

... jealous! ... crazy! What ever! You can fill in the gap yourself. Sociopaths use this tactic to make you feel insecure and weaken your self-esteem. Because they pull you down with it and you doubt yourself, they ensure that their unhealthy behavior is justified and thus indirectly manage that you get stuck with them.

2. You just don't understand me!

If a sociopath does something that causes a negative reaction in you, then he blames you for it and makes you feel that you do not understand what it is about or did not understand what he was trying to say. So he pushes the mistake away from him and passes it on to you.

3. Stop being so sensitive all the time!

If a sociopath elicits sensitivity from you, for example by making you sad by saying something, he will vehemently defend his behavior and justify it by saying that you are simply too sensitive. He will tell you that you have to "toughen up" a bit. In this way he frees himself from all guilt without having to apologize for anything. You, on the other hand, get the feeling that the fault is yours.

4. You interpret too much into things!

There are definitely times when we think too deeply into things and interpret things that are just nonsensical. A sociopath often does things to provoke these very behaviors in you. He wants you to interpret his actions like crazy and to take these thoughts into your mind. Behind this is the hope of being able to belittle your knowledge and to pretend that you are crazy.

5. You cannot survive without me!

Once you begin to understand the behavior of a sociopath, the ignoble nature of constant manipulation will surface and advance into your consciousness. A sociopath doesn't want to have a healthy relationship with you - for platonic or other reasons. He wants to control you by making you feel like you are crazy. Don't let such a person get away with it, because you can have a better life without them.


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