Who is the most childish in BTS


Jee young pov:

When I looked at the stage I saw the girls but no Taetae, I felt someone grab my wrist and pull me out of the crowd. When we were outside the person opened his mouthguard, I knew it was tae but I was still surprised because he was crying. I looked at him worriedly and hugged him. I asked him why he was crying and answered I didn't think you'd come, I thought defend everything. No it's nothing, I still love you but I didn't mean to damage your career that's why we left, I would never leave you voluntarily in my life I said in a sad voice. He looked at me happily and kissed me passionately, of course I replied. After the kiss we went for a walk in the park in the middle of the night, he said yes this 1 year was the worst year in the world, none of the group had more fun, everyone was quiet.

At your girl's home

Somi pov

We were all reunited. After the concert we went to our home. The boys said sadly that they have to go again tomorrow and that is why they said we should come to Korea with them. They have got a new apartment but have no furniture yet, so we should help decide the furniture. I also asked the boys if Alisz and Minho could come with me, they all said yes.

At the airport in Germany

We were hugged by Army's and they were happy for us too and wished us luck. I would have expected everything more negatively that they don't like us and that they would hate us. A little girl jumped into my arms and said to us Somi and Jimin have been my parents now, so you have to take me with you now . Jimin and I laughed and her mother came and apologized to us we said no problem and got on the plane.

Minho pov

I'm flying to Korea with Alisz for the first time, I'm so excited, actually I wanted to fly to Italy with her first, but Korea is even better. I hope I get on well with the boys and in a week my sister will also be coming to Korea because she wants to study there.

Arrived in Korea

Vanessa Pov

I was tired when we arrived in Korea, I just wanted to go to bed, but Jungkook said we had to go shopping quickly because we didn't have anything to eat. I said annoyed gives me the house key and i go home i'm so tired.Jin gave me the key but Eomma had to come along because she still had to unpack our suitcases.

When we arrived I first had to look for a Jungkook room, I didn't know which room he owned, so I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep immediately.

Jungkook pov

When we arrived home I saw Vanessa asleep on the sofa, I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I lay down next to her and fell asleep like that. When I woke up I saw a grinning Vanessa in front of me, I looked at her questioningly and she said I missed sleeping with you so much, feeling your warmth and hugging you. I.I thought what she said was so cute, so I gave her a kiss on the nose and went into the living room where the others were already sitting but where is Jee young and Taetae?

So we've known each other for 40 chapters and now come some facts about me

-I'm 15

-Is called eomma by my friends because I am the oldest but also the most childish

-I hate German but I like math even though I'm not that good at it either

-Love to tell stories, that's why I started to write

-My favorite bands are BLACKPINK, PENTAGON, and As you can see BTS

Favorite members BLACKPINK: jisoo, lisa, BTS: jimin, rap monster, jhope

-Listen to Kpop since August 2016

-Because of me now everyone in my class knows what Kpop is 

- I got to know Kpop through my brother and through my friend Kpop

-My little cousin hears Kpop and because of methinks the jungkook is cute

-My friends say I'm a pervert but I don't think so