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Once upon a time in Germany

Cinema release: April 6th
Length: 102 min.
Genre: Comedy
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Sam Garbarski (Director & Co-Writer)

Sam Garbarski made his directorial debut with DER TANGO DER RASHEVSKIS, which has been presented at numerous festivals and won the City of Jerusalem Prize at the 2004 Jerusalem Film Festival. His next film, IRINA PALM, was nominated for the “Golden Bear” at the Berlinale in 2007, and received, among many other nominations, the David de Donatello Award for “Best Film in the European Union”, the Nastri d'Argento and Sam Garbarski as Best European Director.

With IT WAS ONCE IN GERMANY ... he continues the successful collaboration with leading actor Moritz Bleibtreu, who was in front of the camera in Garbarski's VIJAY AND I (2013). Garbarski had previously made three short films: LA DINDE (1999), LA VIE, LA MORT ET LE FOOT (2000) and JOYEUX NOËL, RACHID (2000). All three have been shown successfully at international festivals as well as on television.

Garbarski was born in Germany in 1948, where he also grew up. At the age of 22 he emigrated to Belgium. Today he lives in Brussels as a Belgian citizen. After more than twenty successful years at the helm of his own advertising agency, he began shooting commercials himself in 1997. As a director, he is responsible for more than 50 spots, many of which have won awards (in Cannes, New York and London).


Moritz Bleibtreu (David)

Moritz Bleibtreu has been one of the leading German actors for more than 20 years and has also made a name for himself internationally. Bleibtreu was born in 1971 as the son of actor Hans Brenner and actress Monica Bleibtreu. After training as an actor in Rome, Paris and New York, he began his career on the stage of the Hamburger Schauspielhaus. He made his film debut in 1993 with Peter Timms EINFACH NUR LIEBE. Bleibtreu's breakthrough came with Rainer Kaufmann's love comedy STADTGESPRÄCH (1995) and with his role as a dumb gangster in Thomas Jahn's road movie KNOCKIN 'ON HEAVEN'S DOOR (1996), for which he was awarded the Ernst Lubitsch Prize and the Film Band in Gold Best Supporting Actor was awarded. With Tom Tykwer's LOLA RENNT (1997) at the side of Franka Potente he also became internationally known and has since taken roles in international productions, including Steven Spielberg's MÜNCHEN ("Munich", 2005), Paul Schrader's THE WALKER (2006) , Jean-Paul Salomé's FEMALE AGENTS (“Les femmes de l'ombre”, 2007), Fernando Meirelles' 360 - EVERY ENCOUNTER HAS FOLLOWS (“360”, 2011), Marc Forster's WORLD WAR Z (2012), Bill Condons INSIDE WIKILEAKS - THE FIFTH VIOLENCE (“The Fifth Estate”, 2013) and in Simon Curtis' DIE FRAU IN GOLD (“Woman in Gold”, 2015). In his career, Bleibtreu has repeatedly received awards, including: with a German Film Award for Oliver Hirschbiegel's DAS EXPERIMENT (2000) and with a Silver Bear for Best Actor for Oskar Roehler's ELEMENTARY PART (2005). He was nominated for a European Film Award for his role as Andreas Baader in DER BAADER MEINHOF KOMPLEX (2008). Bleibtreu's most recent films include Xavier Koller's DIE SCHWARZEN BROTHER (2013), the dark thriller STEREO (2013) with Jürgen Vogel and Fatih Akin's THE CUT (2014) - after SOUL KITCHEN (2010) and IM JULY (2000) the third collaboration with the Hamburg director. In 2015 he also starred in the TV multi-part SCHULD based on Ferdinand von Schirach and in the literary film THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. In 2016 Bleibtreu played in Johannes Naber's fantasy film THE COLD HEART. From March he can also be seen in Christian Zübert's stoner comedy LOMMBOCK (2017), the continuation of their cult film LAMMBOCK from 2001.

In IT WAS ONCE IN GERMANY ... Bleibtreu now takes on the lead role in a film by Sam Garbarski for the second time after VIJAY UND ICH - MY WIFE WALKS WITH ME (2013).

Antje Traue (Special Agent Sara Simon)

Antje Traue, born in Mittweida in 1981, came to Berlin with her family at the age of nine and began acting in the school theater group. After moving to Munich, she took on the lead role in the hip-hop musical WEST END OPERA at the age of 16 as part of the “International Munich Art Lab”. For four years she toured as Vivienne with the whole group through Germany and Europe to New York.

Antje Traue gained her first international film experience through her leading role in Christian Alvart's science fiction film PANDORUM (2009), which was filmed with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in the Babelsberg studio. Renny Harlin cast her for his action-packed war drama 5 DAYS OF WAR (2011), after which she convinced in the role of Faora-Ul in Zack Snyder's lavish Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL (2013). In Sergej Bodrov's thriller SEVENTH SON (2015) she played alongside Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges. In 2014, Antje Traue was IN WOMAN IN GOLD directed by Simon Curtis and starring in CRIMINAL (2016) with Ryan Reynolds. She also played with Friedrich Mücke and Tobias Moretti in Marvin Kren's TV film BERLIN EINS (2015).

In February 2016, the ARD two-part series DER FALL BARSCHEL (director: Kilian Riedhof), which was awarded at the Munich Film Festival, was broadcast on ARD, in which Antje Traue played one of the leading female roles. In 2016 she was nominated for the German Television Award in the Best Actress category for the role of Hanna Zepter in Till Franzen's mini-TV series WEINBERG and for her role in MORDKOMMISSION BERLIN 1. Most recently, she was in front of the camera for the international Amazon series STRANGE NEW THINGS alongside Game of Throne star Richard Madden. She can currently be seen in the rogue comedy VIER AGEGEN DIE BANK, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, alongside Matthias Schweighöfer and Till Schweiger, and plays the leading female role in Robert Thalheim's film KUNDSCHAFTER DES PEACE, which was released in January 2017.

Tim Seyfi (Fajnbrod)

The German actor with Turkish roots first dedicated himself to music as a singer and songwriter, but then took acting lessons in New York and at the Paris drama school "Cours Florent" and from 1995 was regularly on the theater stage. In addition to Turkish and German, Tim Seyfi also speaks fluent English, French and Italian - and successfully completed a simultaneous translation course. In over twenty years as an actor, Tim Seyfi has worked for both national and international cinema and television productions. For his appearance in THE COOKIE THIEF (director: Korinna Sehringer) Tim Seyfi received the “Best Actor Award” at the Badalona International Film Festival in 2001. Fatih Akin cast Seyfi in his multiple award-winning GEGEN DIE WAND, for Marcus H. Rosenmüller he was in front of the camera in his cult comedy WHO DYES FRUTER IS LONGER TOT. He was also seen in Ralf Huettner's road movie VINCENT WILL MEER, in the Serbian drama THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE by Darko Bajic, in the Finnish thriller VASHA by Hannu Salonen and in the Turkish tragicomedy 2 SÜPER FILM BIRDEN by Murat Seker. He played alongside Mads Mikkelsen in Anno Saul's “DIE TÜR” and alongside Oscar winner Christoph Waltz in the Austrian two-part series “The Last Judgment”. Tony Gatlif cast him in his French drama GERONIMO, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. He also played one of the leading roles in Laurent Teyssier's hit film TORIL, which was released in cinemas across Europe in autumn 2016. Tim Seyfi also played one season each in the excellent and International Emmy Award-winning French TV series "Spiral: Engrenages" (a crime and justice series) and "Braquo" (a cop thriller series). The actor, who lives in Munich, can soon be seen on ARD as Kommissar Pascha in the film adaptation of the successful Munich book series by Su Turhan in the title role.

Mark Ivanir (Holzmann)

Mark Ivanir, who comes from today's Ukraine and grew up in Israel, played his first important role in 1993 in Steven Spielberg's Oscar®-winning film SCHINDLERS LISTE ("Schindler’s List"). Two more projects with Spielberg followed: TERMINAL (“The Terminal”, 2004) and THE ABENTEUER VON TIM UND STRUPPI (“The Adventures of Tintin”, 2011). In 2006, a role in Robert de Niro's film DER GUTE HIRTE ("The Good Shepherd") brought him international fame. In the same year he met again on de Niro, with whom he stood in front of the camera in Barry Levinson's INSIDE HOLLYWOOD ("What Just Happened?", 2008). Numerous films followed. Since then, Mark Ivanir has played over 35 guest roles and leading episode roles in US television series.

After working in Spielberg's SCHINDLERS LISTE, Mark Ivanir moved to London to study with Philippe Gaulier and the actors of the theater “Complicite”. During this time he played in IN STURMISCHEN ZEITEN ("The Man Who Cried", 2000, with Johnny Depp). Since then, Ivanir has appeared in many films in the US, Europe and Israel. In Germany he worked with Dennis Gansel in DIE VIERTE MACHT (2012) and with Dominik Graf for his highly regarded mini-series IN THE FACE OF CRIME (2010). In Europe he shot the episodic film 360 - EVERY ENCOUNTER HAS FOLLOWS ("360", 2011) with Fernando Meirelles. In 2013 he played a leading role in the ensemble in SAITEN DES LEBENS (“A Late Quartet”) alongside Catherine Keener, Philipp Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken.

The multilingual (Hebrew, Russian, French, Arabic, etc.) Mark Ivanir lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Anatole Taubman (Frankel)

Anatole Taubman was born in Zurich and has appeared in over 90 films and TV productions in leading and supporting roles since 1998, with international success, including in England, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. In 1991 he completed his Matura (Abitur) in the grammar school of the Benedictine collegiate school of the Einsiedeln monastery. In 1994 he completed his training at the “Circle in the Square” drama school in New York. He speaks five languages ​​fluently (English, French, Italian, German, Swiss German).

Taubman became internationally known among others. through his English-language TV work in "Band of Brothers" (HBO), "Servants" (BBC), "Pow" (ITV), "Spooks VI" (BBC), "Walking The Dead VII - Pièta" (BBC), “The Tudors II” (Showtime) and in Ken Follett's award-winning and EMMY®-nominated mini-series “The Pillars of the Earth” (Starz). He established himself as a character actor in films such as MEIN NAME IST BACH (CH / D), LUTHER (D), MARMORERA (CH), FAY GRIM (USA), SNIPERS VALLEY (D), SECRET DÉFENSE (F), TAKEN / 96 HOURS (F / USA), JAMES BOND - A QUANTUM OF SOLACE (GB / USA), THE POPESS (D), CHANEL & STRAVINSKY (F), THE FIFTH ESTATE / INSIDE WIKILEAKS (USA), CAPTAIN AMERICA (USA), RESISTANCE ( UK), FIVE FRIENDS I (D), LOST PLACE (D), AKTE GRÜNINGER (CH / A), DER KREIS (CH), NORTHMEN - A VIKING SAGA (CH / D / SA), TRANSPORTER REFUELED (F / USA) and in the upcoming British indie murder mystery film BEES MAKE HONEY (UK).

In 2016 Taubman was also in the lead role of Montcourt in the first season (ten episodes) of the high-profile English-language TV series "Versailles" to see Louis XIV in almost 40 countries around the world. In the same year he took on four leading roles in comedies, including in the movies BAUMSCHLAGER (D: Harald Sicherheitsitz) and ES WAR EINMAL IN DEUTSCHLAND ... by Sam Garbarski. In the second part of the first TV adaptation of the satirical masterpiece “Decline & Fall” (UK / BBC, D: Guillem Morales) by cult author Evelyn Waugh, which the BBC is filmed in three parts, Taubman plays the artist and architect Professor Otto Silenius.

The Berliner-by-choice is currently in front of the camera as a power-obsessed industrialist Bernd Doppler for episodes 8, 9 and 10 of the first German-language Netflix series "Dark", staged by Baran Bo Odar. He also takes on a major role in the French film L’APPARITION, which will be staged in France by cult director Xavier Giannoli until mid-April. The focus is on a journalist (Vincent Lindon) who investigates the correctness of an apparition: In the village of Gap, a girl is said to have seen the Virgin Mary. Anatole Taubman embodies the radical Catholic missionary of the Gap diocese, Anton Meyer. The cinema release is planned for 2018.

In 2004 Anatole Taubman received a nomination for the Swiss Film Award for “Best Supporting Role” in MEIN NAME IST BACH, in 2007 the Glanz & Gloria Award “Success of the Year” and in 2008 the Prix Walo for Best Actor. Anatole Taubman is UNICEF Switzerland Spokesperson and BBC WorldWideTrust GoodWill Ambassador.

Hans Löw (understanding)

Hans Löw was born in 1976 in Bremen as the son of the Swiss actor Jürg Löw. In 1997 he followed in his father's professional footsteps and studied drama at the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich. During his studies he was given smaller roles at the Münchner Kammerspiele. In the sophomore year he took a first television role in the series "Aus heiterem Himmel". He got his first permanent engagement at the Hamburg Thalia Theater, where he was a member of the ensemble until 2009.

In December 2004, Hans Löw received the Boy Gobert Prize from the Körber Foundation, which honors special achievements by young actors on Hamburg theaters. In 2001, director Lars Kraume brought him in front of the camera for his advertising satire VIKTOR VOGEL - COMMERCIAL MAN, while Sherry Hormann gave him the role of Klaus in MÄNNER WIE WIR in 2003. Detlev Buck entrusted him with a role (as Kommissar Gerber) in his youth drama KNALLHART (2006) as well as in his subsequent children's film HANDS AWAY FROM MISSISSIPPI (2007). In 2011 Löw took on a small role again in Buck's RUBBELDIEKATZ.

With his participation in the gangster drama CHICO (director: Özgür Yildrim) and the episode film 1 MAY - HEROES AT WORK, which several directors were involved in the creation of, Hans Löw had the rare luck of being involved in two films at the same time. Berlinale 2008 ran. In 2015 another film followed at the Berlinale in which Hans Löw plays: Sonja Heiss ’HEDI SCHNEIDER STECKT FEST, in which he portrays the partner of the title character.

In 2016 he was seen in Maren Ade's brilliant feature film TONI ERDMANN in German cinemas, the first German production to have been shown in the competition for the Palme d'Or in Cannes since 2008 and since then has won awards worldwide and competed for the Oscar © for the best foreign language Film goes. Löw lives with his wife, the director Jette Steckel, and their two children in Hamburg.

Pál Mácsai (Szoros)

Pál Mácsai was born in Budapest in 1961 as the son of the painter István Mácsai. His brother is the music historian János Mácsai. In 1980 Pál Mácsai was admitted to the Budapest Academy of Performing Arts, from which he graduated in 1984. He was then an actor at the National Theater in Budapest until 1989. In the following years he received numerous engagements such as at the Madách Theater in Budapest. In 1998 he began studying at the prestigious Budapest Eötvös Loránd University, which he interrupted in 2001 when he became the artistic director of the former Budapest theater Kleine Madách, which was then renamed Örkény Theater in 2004 under his direction. Since then, Pál Mácsai has been the director of the theater. He was involved in changing the repertoire - from light entertainment to a theater whose plays are based on prose or are major dramas. This opened up a new audience of intellectuals and young people to the Örkény Theater. The Örkény Theater, under Mácsai's direction, became one of the most important and renowned theaters in Hungary. As theater director, Pál Mácsai focuses on theater education. The IRAM workshop was launched to help young adults approach the theater and broaden their own artistic horizons.

Important theater roles by Pál Mácsai are Romeo in William Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet”, Liliomfi in Ede Szigligeti's “Liliomfi”; Cipolla from Thomas Mann's “Mario and the Magician”, Thomas Becket from Jean Anouilh's “Becket or The Honor of God”; Antonio from William Shakespeare's “Julius Caesar” and Sztomil from Sławomir Mrożek's “Tango”. The writer, playwright and namesake of the theater István Örkény was also an important source of inspiration for Pál Mácsai. Mácsai presented his one-man show "Tell us a Story, Pista!" from Örkény's literary work and even after more than 500 performances, the play is still in the program of the Örkény Theater.

In addition to his work as an actor and theater director, Pál Mácsai has also appeared as a theater director, for example in István Örkény's “Catsplay”, William Shakespeare's “A Winter's Tale” and Arthur Miller's “A View from the Bridge”.

As a great friend of Hungarian literature, especially poetry, he has been analyzing poetry on Hungarian television for 25 years, making it popular. He also works as a speaker and director for the radio.

Pál Mácsai has earned a reputation as a versatile character actor through numerous film and television roles. He played the role of Csapó in Árpád Sopsit's drama TORZOK (2001). For his portrayal he received the award for Best Supporting Actor of the 32nd Hungarian Film Review. He is particularly known for his leading role in the successful TV series "Terápia".

In 1991 he received the Mari Jászai Prize for Dramatic Art, in 2008 the Prize for Artistic Excellence, in 2013 the Hungarian Cross of the Legion of Honor and in 2014 the highest state award in Hungary for the fields of art and culture, the Kossuth Prize.

Václav Jakoubek (Krautberg)

Václav Jakoubek, who was born on February 8, 1980 in the Czech capital Prague, was already seen in Czech and international films as a child. The then eleven-year-old was already known to a wide audience in 1991 through an early role in THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (“Obecná skola”). In the film he embodies one of the main characters, the wild Eda, who brings the teachers to despair with his school class. The film was nominated for the OSCAR © in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”. The following year Václav Jakoubek took on a role in the television film "Nikolaus geht durch die Stadt". In 1993 he starred in the role of a little boy in THE TRIAL, starring Anthony Hopkins, Kyle MacLachlan and Alfred Molina. In 1999, the nomination as Best Supporting Actor for the role of the child Rambos for the important Czech film award Český lev marked another highlight of his career. At that time, Václav Jakoubek was 18 years old. As an actor, he also appears frequently in the theater.