What is prophylaxis


Synonym: prevention
English: prophylaxis

1 definition

As prophylaxis denotes the entirety of all measures that serve to prevent impairment of health due to risk factors, illnesses or accidents. Avoiding secondary illnesses or undesirable developments through timely treatment of a primary illness is also a form of prophylaxis.

Dental prophylaxis includes protective measures against possible diseases of the teeth, gums and jaw.

2 background

Common prophylactic measures include, for example, vaccinations, preventive medication, fluoridation of drinking water, isolation of infectious individuals or steps to prevent accidents.

3 classification

3.1 ... according to the time of prophylaxis

3.2 ... according to the duration of the prophylaxis

3.3 ... after exposure

In the case of infectious diseases, a differentiation is made between various forms of prophylaxis with regard to possible or existing exposure to a pathogen.

3.4 ... by focus

3.5 ... after illness

Usually the term prophylaxis is linked to the disease it is supposed to prevent, e.g.

4 Prophylaxis in Nursing

Since sick, frail or debilitated patients have a higher risk of injury or other health problems, standardized prophylactic measures are an integral part of nursing. These include: