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The modern office of tomorrow


The majority of us have been working from home for over a year. The second lockdown in December 2020 reinforced this again. Very few employees still meet in the offices. Exchanges only take place by telephone or digitally via video conferencing. But what about after the pandemic? Will the office remain as a place of work or will most Germans continue to work from the home office? We are certain: the office will continue to play a role in the future. However, it will change. The modern office of tomorrow will become a communication area.

The modern office of tomorrow and the change in meaning

The office has changed significantly over the past few years. Many companies have broken up traditional structures and individual offices and created open communication areas. But even in 2020 there were still a large number of companies that stuck to the outdated order. After the pandemic at the latest, all companies will have to rearrange themselves. Because after a long time in the home office, it will be all the more difficult to inspire employees to return to the office.

But how do companies manage to revitalize the office in the future?
Companies now have to rely even more on the design of experience spaces. A place of communication and personal exchange will emerge. In the future, people will meet on site to work together on projects, discuss topics and work out and visualize them together.

That means that the office will stay with us. However, the role will change dramatically. The office of the future will be more modern, flexible and communicative. In our opinion, the classic standard workstation with chair, desk and double screen will sooner or later no longer be made available in large numbers. Many companies will continue to work with home offices in the future, which means that the number of workstations required on site will decrease. The areas that become free can be used for communicative experience areas. This gives every employee space to work. But this does not necessarily have to be a dedicated desk workstation.

The needs of the people in the modern office of tomorrow

Steelcase wanted to find out what desires and needs the pandemic had aroused in employees with regard to the work environment, and to this end it carried out several studies with over 32,000 participants from 10 countries. This study revealed five essential needs that will be important for tomorrow's employees:

  1. security
    Feel safe and be safe.
  2. Affiliation
    Inclusion, trust and common goals
  3. productivity
    Focus and good cooperation
  4. Comfort
    Physical, cognitive and emotional comfort
  5. control
    More control over how and where they work

In addition, there are the upcoming macro shifts in the areas of security, productivity, inspiration & flexibility:

Flexibility as the key to success

Flexibility will become increasingly important for the modern office of tomorrow. Companies should ask themselves whether they are currently able to spontaneously remodel their workplace at any time to suit the topic.

Companies should therefore quickly be able to convert meeting situations into creative situations and assemble their workplaces in a modular manner. This can be achieved with flexible, foldable and rollable furniture. The use of partition walls enables individual work areas to be screened. So create work scenarios in the future that fit the tasks ahead. Think creatively and try new methods and techniques.

Digital collaboration

In the future, it will also be even more important to create the connection between the home office and the office. This means that colleagues who work in the home office should better be networked with colleagues who work on site.

This also means that the technology must be optimized to such an extent that it is always possible to call a colleague from the home office for a spontaneous meeting. So there must be more places for digital networking.
The Microsoft Surface Hub, for example, can be used here. The hub is particularly suitable for working digitally together. This also works across locations.

Work islands with an integrated screen or webcam connect employees on site with colleagues from the home office. This is how distanced collaboration can work optimally.

Visit us in the modern workplace factory and get to know modern, feel-good workplaces. Rooms that are as variable as our work. Furniture that moves with us, sound-absorbing screens for more privacy, mobile solutions that support creative work.

The change in the offices must fit the company

Whether experience area, classic desk workstation or working exclusively from the home office. The way we work together in the future will change, that's for sure. However, the change must also suit the company, its people and their activities. That is why companies should develop a holistic concept for their modern office of tomorrow.

A sensible approach for this is to be accompanied by experts who will support you starting from the current situation through the change process up to a nationwide target situation.

At Dicide, we have already brought numerous experiences with change processes in companies to implementation through our developed Adoption & Change program (even before Covid19).
In addition to being supported by certified consultants, we are also able to implement your future requirements in terms of people, space and technology directly and in a dovetailed manner.

In many cases, new working methods, room and technology solutions are implemented in change processes without the employees
to take with you in the change. However, this is an essential key to the success of your company. It's about reducing resistance, finding acceptance and getting employees to use it quickly.

Start your positive change now!

Changing the way we work is a key success factor and leads to greater productivity and motivation in the workplace. With our Adoption & Change program, we offer a structured approach for your change process.
As a knowledge partner, we always stay by your side. We advise, accompany, implement and train. Contact us now.

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