What is i love you in irish

Irish greeting - this is how they say hello in Irish

Anyone who has been to the Emerald Isle already knows that language is a very complex issue in Ireland. The two official state languages ​​English and Irish are joined by countless regional dialects and expressions. Then there is the fact that the Irish often say something and mean something completely different. These many different slangs, idioms and dialects often make it easy for locals to find out where the conversation partner is from, but they often lead to astonishment among travelers and visitors, after all, the Irish greeting can sometimes become a real challenge for non-Irish people.

How to say "Hello" to yourself in the various regions of Ireland and what these sometimes bizarre-sounding greetings are all about, you will find out now!

Irish greeting as Geailge

The ancient Celtic language is something that is both fascinating and alien to non-Irish people. The unpronounceable Irish words mainly adorn street signs, posters and billboards. However, the language is also used by many Irish in everyday life. In fact, Irish is the main language in the Gaeltacht regions, but many Irish words are also enjoying increasing popularity in the rest of the country.

Especially at Seachtain na Gaeilge, the international festival of the Irish language, which takes place two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day every year, one hears one or the other Irish word echoing through the streets of Ireland. A real Irish greeting is a particularly popular way of showing off your Gaelic skills.

A friendly hello in Irish is "Dia duit!" (pronounced: Dee-a Gwit) and means something like “God be with you!” In most cases, this greeting is accompanied by “How are you?”. In Irish this means: "Conas atá tú?" and is pronounced Cunnus a-taw tuh. The answer is usually not long in coming and is: "Tá mé go maith." (spoken: Taw mei guh mah) - "I'm fine."

Irish greeting in English

Compared to the Irish language, saying hello is a lot easier in English. As a visitor, this works perfectly with a simple “Hi!” Or “Hello!” Or even better with “Hello, how are you?” - the islanders have several ways to greet each other. The list of typical Irish greetings is long and varies greatly depending on the region. A small selection of the most used greetings from the Green Island are now available!

1. "Hi, how are you?"

The classic greeting is popular all over the island. Often, however, parts of the sentence are pronounced so quickly that it almost feels like "Howya?" listens. The question is almost sung in the southern and western counties, with the pitch rising from the beginning of the greeting to the end.

Whoever is received or greeted in this way usually answers with "Grand." or "Not too bad."

2. "What’s the story?" Or just "story?"

After "Story" to ask means as much as to inquire about the news of the interlocutor in greeting. The term is widely used, especially in the south of Ireland, but is well known across the country. This phrase probably has its origin in Irish storytelling and served to elicit the latest and most exciting stories from his friends or acquaintances.

Nowadays it is also often used as an alternative "Any news?" used.

3. "How’s she cutting?"

A greeting that outsiders will certainly not recognize as such at first. The question of that "Cutting" Literally translated, refers to peat cutting. Basically, however, the islanders ask how their friends are doing.

This phrase is used as a greeting especially in regions of Ireland where peat is traditionally mined.

4. "Well?"

Anyone who meets on the road in the counties of the Midlands calls each other a brief greeting "Well?" to. The "e" is stretched so that it becomes a Weehell. With this one-word question, the Irish inquire about the well-being of their counterparts, who in this area are often just as brief "Yea, sure." or "Grand." replied.

Who to that "Well" another "boy", "Lad" or "Girl" hangs, he is most likely from County Cork, where this brief greeting is a good thing.

5. "How are you keeping?"

This question is a further variant of the German "Hello, how are you and what's new?" - as you often hear between two friends who have not seen each other for a long time.

There are innumerable variations of this one question to be greeted on the Emerald Isle. The most common include:

"How are they hanging?"

"How’s tricks?"

"How’s the craic?"

"How is it going?"

"How’s the form?"

"How`s the lad?"

The formal Irish greeting

In addition to the colloquial language and the umpteen different slang words that the Irish use to greet each other in everyday life; there is of course a formal way of greeting each other in Ireland too. In shops, offices and public places, one becomes polite with a simple one "Good day!" receive. Depending on the time of day, however, it is also frequent "Good morning / afternoon / evening." used.

Instead of the colloquial "How are you?" the locals mostly use that in an official setting "I hope you are well today."

Irish greeting - Hello in many ways

Like so many things, saying hello is so different in Ireland than in other countries. The two languages ​​as well as countless variants and expressions reflect exactly what we and many others love about the Emerald Isle: individuality, friendliness, a touch of history and tradition as well as the incomparable Irish humor!

So in this sense: Slide duit. Bíodh lá maith agat. - Hello. Have a nice day!