Is sbi a government bank

Does the optical correction give the SBI logo a more aesthetic look?

The design in question is an official variant of the SBI logo:

Now I always have the feeling that the main circular symbol feels and needs to be a bit smaller Getting corrected, by enlarging it a little so that it looks more aesthetic and balanced from both sides. I've seen many, many famous designs doing things like this just to make it look better. I think there has to be a reason for this.

Am I right and if so, why is that?


In typography, one speaks of one Overshoot . And was a very long practice.

In typeface design, the overshoot of a round or pointed letter (like O or A) is the extent to which it extends higher or lower than a "flat" letter of comparable size (like X or H) in order to create a visual effect of being achieve the same size; it compensates for inaccuracies in human visual perception.

Yes it makes a difference. Human visual perception is not always a mathematical constant.

At first glance, this may look like a typographical overshoot, i.e. round letter bases and tops that extend slightly up or down as flat letters - which is responsible for an optical illusion. However, if you look carefully you will see that the logo and the S. already show overshoot in the original. Also in the corrected version is the overshooting of the S. not increased, which would be the logical conclusion if you consider the original overshoot to be too small. So there has to be more.

The reason the logo needs even more overshoot is because it is darker than the text and above it is a similar hue to the background. This results in an optical illusion similar to that which requires typographical overshoot, which is offset by the additional overshoot. See this question for a similar problem. For illustration purposes, the original is shown here with a white logo, which makes this additional overshoot unnecessary:

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