Is there a blog for group discussions

Mobile target groups, which are difficult to reach with established methods due to a lack of landline connections, can now be won over as test subjects for a variety of topics through the advantages of the focus blog. But this method can not only be useful for younger target groups, older people can also use blogs after a short training phase and discuss and comment on study topics.

Blogs are communication nodes where everyday experiences are relatively freely shared with other bloggers or readers. They are therefore the ideal prerequisite for seeing how people think and act.

As online diaries, blogs can be used in a variety of ways for research. On the one hand, they offer a range of options for secondary analyzes - from content and text analyzes of entries and comments to network analyzes by blogrolls. But when it comes to thematically focused studies and research projects, closed blogs are more helpful and goal-oriented. The possibly widely dispersed, mobile target persons produce texts, audios, videos, images and photos via initiated tasks and thus document their everyday life and their experiences with the study or research topic. You are free to organize your time and decide for yourself when you want to contribute something to the research topic.

Blogs are suitable for topic exploration and stimulus evaluations, e.g. B. for the pretest of advertising campaigns, packaging, video spots or radio jingles. User profiles can be created in blogs and placed in the context of the content produced. Blogs are also suitable for creative and inspiration sessions.