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Mother box

Mother box






Mother boxes consist of an eternal energy matrix that can be viewed as miniaturized, portable supercomputers. They come from the planet Apokolips.


The mother boxes come to earth

A few thousand years ago, Steppenwolf tried to subdue the earth on behalf of his master Darkseid. For this project he took the three mother boxes with which he wanted to carry out the terraforming. The aim was to transform the earth into another apokolips.

However, Steppenwolf did not expect an alliance between humans, Amazons, Atlanteans, Olympic gods and Green Lanterns. This union finally succeeded in driving the supposed conqueror back and to flee. Only the three mother boxes remained, which were divided up and hidden among the humans, the Amazons and Atlanteans.


The box of the people is found

Shortly after the end of the First World War, the people's mother box was found in the bombed-out Li├Ęge. This information reaches the allies who, immediately after the end of the war, instruct Etta Candy and her team to obtain this powerful item and hand it over to the Americans.

The mission succeeds, but the Americans can't do much with the box and lock it away in the STAR labs.

The mother box is activated

A little over 100 years later, the scientist Silas Stone tries to keep his son Victor, seriously injured in an explosion, alive. Many attempts that he recorded in a video diary fail. As a last hope, he brings the mother box he found to his laboratory. Not much happens in the beginning until the box suddenly activates and floats towards Victor's body parts. Silas looks on in astonishment and panics when the mother box dissolves and penetrates his son's body. Victor wakes up and starts screaming while his body is being repaired with mechanical components. Overstrained, Silas rushes to the video camera and stops recording.

Lex Luthor learns of Steppenwolf while using the Kryptonian archives on the Kryptonian exploration ship. He contacts the conqueror before he is arrested by a special squad.

Steppenwolf returns

Before Steppenwolf takes action, he sends a few of his parademons to explore on earth. Finally, he first decides to steal the mother's box from the Amazons. These try to protect the mother box with heavy losses, but they do not succeed. Steppenwolf triumphantly takes his prey and disappears into a sound tube.

Steppenwolf gets the second box from the Atlanteans. The fight is not as difficult as against the Amazons and so he can take the box after a short fight.

Due to the existing danger posed by Steppenwolf, the founding members of the Justice League decide to bring the Superman killed by Doomsday back to life with the help of the last mother box. The project succeeds, but the revived cannot remember anything that leads to the fight between the steely man and the other heroes. This situation is exploited by Steppenwolf, who takes the unattended third mother box and comes to Posarnov, where he wants to start terraforming the earth.

The loss of the mother box causes the Justice League to locate its location. This finally succeeds and the league relocates to the Russian town of Posarnov. There is another fight against Steppenwolf and his parademons, which also pushes the heroes to their limits. Only Cyborg tries to separate the mother boxes that interact with each other, but it does not succeed. Only when Superman comes to his senses and interferes in the fight against Steppenwolf, the tide can turn. Together with Cyborg, the steely man succeeds in separating the three boxes, which ends in a strong detonation and destroys the mother boxes.