Is the logistic regression a multilevel model

Scientific coordination

Wednesday, September 15, 202109:00-10:30 Overview and introduction to multilevel analysis
Traditional approaches to multilevel analysis
10:30-10:45coffe break10:45-12:15 Basic types of multilevel models I
Intra-class correlation coefficient
12:15-13:30lunch break13:30-15:00 Basic types of multilevel models II
Comparison: OLS regression and multilevel regression
15:00-15:15coffe break15:15-16:45 PC applications:
Introduction to multilevel analysis with Stata:
Analysis of sample data set Preparation of your own analyzes (analyzes with your own data are welcome)
Thursday, September 16, 202109:00-10:30Interaction effects and their conditional interpretation10:30-10:45coffe break10:45-12:15 Calculation of conditional b-coefficients and their t-values
Explained variance
12:15-13:30lunch break13:30-15:00Joint exercise:
Calculation of conditional effects in Stata
15:00-15:15coffe break15:15-16:45Joint exercise: Calculating the explained variance
Processing of own questions in Stata
Friday, September 17, 202109:00-10:30Wald Z-test for variance components, comparison: Restricted Maximum Likelihood and Full Maximum Likelihood estimation,
Fit measures for model comparison (Likelihood Radio Test, AIC, BIC)
10:30-10:45coffe break10:45-12:15Calculation of standardized regression coefficients, empirical Bayes estimators, entry into the logistic multi-level regression12:15-13:30lunch break13:30-15:00 PC applications:
Processing of own questions in Stata
15:00-15:15coffe break15:15-16:00Possibility to present first own results, discussion of application problems